Love Island’s Faye Winter says she is still ‘grieving’ after her split with Teddy

She has even moved back home to Devon

Love Island’s Faye Winter has spoken candidly about her breakup with Teddy Soares for the first time since their split. She revealed the pressure of their high profile relationship became too much for the pair to deal with.

Faye and Teddy announced their breakup in February 2023, “after lots of time and consideration”, after 18 months together. Faye and Teddy met on Love Island 2021 and despite having a rocky relationship on the show, they made it to the final and came third place. Out of all the finalists of season seven, Faye and Teddy were the last couple to split.

Faye Teddy break up

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In an interview with OK! Magazine, Faye said: “We’re from very different worlds and we were trying to build a relationship in this very high pressure environment. We got moulded together, but we had different dreams and ambitions and I had to respect Teddy’s.

“We were so similar and we got on so well – he’ll forever have a very special place in my heart – and it feels like I’m grieving someone.”

Faye opened up about how “hard” it has been to come to terms with their breakup. “I honestly believe he was my soulmate,” she explained. “It’s always hard to come to terms with these things and him not being there to build a life with. But you have to respect each other. It’s a loss, but you’ve got to keep on moving forwards.”

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The former Islander has opened up about her social anxiety and has even had to get food delivered to her home because she can’t leave the house. She said: “I haven’t been shopping on my own for weeks. I’d get my food delivered to the house as I really struggle with it.”

Faye sweetly spoke about her dog, Bonnie, who has helped her get through everything. “I would not have gotten through half the stuff I have recently if it wasn’t for her,” she admitted. “She is my alarm clock in the morning, she gets me up every day and she’s my reason for being.

“The amount of times where I’ve not wanted to get out of bed because I’m in such a low place, but now I don’t have that. I have to get up to feed and walk her every day.”

via Instagram @faye__winter

Since breaking up with Teddy, Faye has moved back to her hometown in Devon, noting it was always her plan to move back home eventually. She told OK: “I always imagined my kids having the same upbringing as I had. One thing I’ve really learned in the last two years is you can’t plan your future. I’m just going to see if I can make it work.”

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