This is what iconic British kids’ show you are based on your UEA course

Are you ready for a throwback?

Do you remember getting home from school after begging your parents for a Kinder Happy Hippo from the corner shop and settling down for some classic after school TV? Oh, life was so simple back then. The days way before worrying about student loans, flatmate fallouts or where you can get the cheapest pint. Were you a CBBC kid or a Disney kid?

Let’s take it back to the early 2000s before you even knew what university was and find out what iconic British kids’ TV show you are.

Art history – Mister Maker

If you study art history then Mister Maker is definitely the show for you. A classic show that brought out your creative side with pipe cleaners and more glitter than your mum could cope with. Odds are that you are probably the messiest house mate but always the first to fix the faulty things that inevitably go wrong in a student household.

Biology – Nina and the Nuerons

If you take biology you almost definitely watched Nina and the Neurons and studied it religiously. Perhaps that’s where you decided to take biology thinking it would be just as easy as Nina made it. Whatever your path, this was your TV bible growing up.

Criminology – Scooby Doo

Going on mysterious adventures and not even knowing what you’re getting yourself into? Sounds like criminology to me. Scooby Doo is right up your street. You are always keen to win the house Cluedo game and you definitely don’t go anywhere without a detective book and a pencil.

Engineering – Little Robots

Engineering is way more realistic than turning scrap metal into an amazing invention at any given moment but surely Little Robots was your show? It blew my mind as a kid but to the engineers it must come like second nature knowing how to piece bits of rubbish together to make something pretty cool.

Geography – The Backyardigans

The Backyardigans is a hell of a throwback, but they did have their adventures. As a geography student you probably dream of turning your shoddy student back garden into somewhere hot and full of culture and definitely had that infamous gap year abroad.

History – Horrible Histories, obviously

Horrible Histories is a no brainer for history students, you might have even watched the horrible game show. You know your stuff right from the Savage Stone Age all the way up to the Vicious Victorians. Perhaps you’ve memorised every song and are just waiting for the Horrible Histories Damn Good y0u deserve!

Journalism – Newsround

Newsround for the news boffins of course. Wandering around school telling everyone the top five news stories of the day was your vibe, and now you do it for your course but it just doesn’t have the same buzz when 30 other people know as much as you do. Nevertheless, you probably check up on The Tab for your news and are stuck to the screen waiting on the next scoop.

Social Work – Tracy Beaker

Do you catch yourself saying “BOG OFF” to people who spill your VK at Damn Good? Did learning all the tips and tricks of Tracy Beaker’s pranks make you think you had the inside information? My bet is that you got into social work based on your in-depth knowledge of the dumping ground and wanted to make a difference to the characters lives. If you take social work, I reckon Tracy Beaker is your show.

Sports Science – Lazy Town

Lazy Town, although not technically British, has got to be your show as a sports science student because it’s a classic. You’re probably the Sportacus of your friend group, encouraging the Robbie Rottens to spend less time at A-List and more time in the Sportspark. You’re probably also the head of a sports club and go to sports night – but not without your Sportscandy at pres.

Medicine – Operation Ouch

Some of you might even be too old for this but Operation Ouch has got to be your show. Exploring all the ins and outs of the body and waiting for the GROSS alerts is probably what made you decide to take medicine. Turns out, it’s not quite as simple as the doctors made it look and now all of your Operation Ouch references are slightly too basic.

Now you know what iconic British kids show you are, why not take a trip down memory lane and rewatch the very thing that defines you and your course.

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