Jack Wright is being called out on TikTok for comparing Indian clothing to The Hunger Games

‘This is my home. What do you mean?’

TikToker Jack Wright has come under fire after a video he posted seemed to compare Indian cultural clothing to fashion seen in The Hunger Games movies.

The creator, who has over 11 million followers, attended the grand opening of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre. The event was massive and even had the likes of Tom Holland and Zendaya in attendance.

Jack had been filming his journey to Mumbai, sharing with his followers what he has been getting up to but his comments have struck a nerve with TikTok users.

In one video, Jack said he was “able to attend the actual Panem Capitol party” and shared a series of videos of people cultural Indian attire. He also used the music from the Hunger Games films that plays during Caesar Flickerman’s show.


The video was also captioned: “Thanks for having me Panem! Can’t wait for the 80th annual Hunger Games.”

A lot of viewers were unimpressed with Jack’s comments on the event, with many frustrated with the suggested comparison of traditional Indian clothing to costumes in The Hunger Games.

“This is my home. What do you mean?”, one user wrote. Another said: “Caption needs to do better.”

Although Jack hasn’t commented on the backlash from the video, he posted another TikTok video and said: “Indian fashion is so top tier.”


i don’t wanna leave. i love india

♬ Cupid Twin Version. geeling – mus

The comments under the later video were still asking Jack for an apology, with one user saying: “The Panem video was insane.”

This isn’t the first time Jack Wright has been called out on TikTok, as last year he dressed up as serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and recreated a scene from the latest Netflix series. The video has since been deleted from the TikToker’s account.

The Tab has reached out to Jack’s representatives for comment but received no response.

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