Love Island’s Tanyel and Zara have finally addressed all the beef they have with Olivia

‘No wonder I felt isolated in the villa, no one gave me the time of day’

Winter Love Island 2023 cast members Tanyel and Zara have finally set the record straight about all the drama between them and Olivia. The three of them were all in the villa and often found themselves in disagreements and it’s been just as salty on the outside.

After Zara and Tanyel made a TikTok aimed at Olivia the drama and salty comments have been never ending but the duo have officially addressed everything.

In an interview with On Demand Entertainment, Zara and Tanyel spilled all the tea about their feelings towards Olivia and they won’t be standing for anymore catty comments.

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When asked what they wanted to share about the drama, Tanyel said: “All I’ve got to say is there’s only so much you can poke the bear and not expect a reaction.” Tanyel was referring to a TikTok she and Zara made that was aimed at Olivia.

“The one thing I will hold my hands up for is I wish I didn’t react but I reacted because I’m only human. There’s only so much you can take. We were literally out together and this person is always saying something about me and it’s been throughout Love Island,” she continued.

Zara said she chose to defend Tanyel after seeing how she was being treated inside the villa and once the show was over. She explained she had “experienced” the same “behaviour” from Olivia while they were in the villa together and when she saw it happen to Tanyel, it made her want to stick up for her. “It triggered something in me and I wanted to stick up for her, this is not okay I want to stamp it out,” she said.

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A few weeks ago, Zara and Tanyel made a Hailey Bieber-esque TikTok aimed at Olivia but remain adamant it was only posted because they had seen a comment Olivia left under a TikTok saying: “Shame I didn’t get to say the real reason she left.”

— Walt Grace's Submarine Test, January 1967 (@Margjacquieline) March 21, 2023

The comment was under a video of Tanyel during the reunion where she was asked by Maya Jama if she wanted to address any drama from her time in the villa. Tanyel said she felt as though Olivia had played a part in her being dumped from the villa.

“I just feel like there were a few people in Jordan’s ear and I feel like they influenced him and encouraged him to make the decision he made,” and when Maya asked her who she was referring to, she said “Olivia, Shaq and Tanya.”

Tanyel was “fuming” over the TikTok comment and said: “If you [Olivia] wanted to you could have spoken to me after.” Zara backed up her co-star and explained Olivia had “ample time” to have a conversation with Tanyel but made no effort to do so.

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The pair have since admitted they shouldn’t have made and posted the TikTok. “We shouldn’t have even done it but there’s only so much we could have taken,” Tanyel said.

Tanyel continued to say: “I’ll always defend myself. She [Olivia] has actually gone on podcasts and there’s one where she painted us out to be the mean girls for putting up a TikTok but what she’s forgotten to mention is we’ve only ever reacted to everything she has constantly started.”

The hairdresser explained one moment that “really” got to her was Olivia hinting Tanyel and Zara had been adding onto hate she had been receiving. “All I felt like saying was, ‘How dare you?’ This is coming from the mean girl who was mean for six weeks,” she said.

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Zara also said Olivia was one of the “main reasons” she felt down in the villa because she felt as though the ring girl was “turning the girls” against her. When she was dumped from the villa, Zara decided to “let bygones be bygones” but found Olivia painting the narrative of her and Tanyel as mean girls “unfair and calculated”.

“I just feel like there was a lot of conversations about me and my character and no one came to me and asked me. I could feel there was something off and it’s because everyone had so much to say but couldn’t say it to me. So no wonder I felt isolated in there, no one gave me the time of day,” Zara said.

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