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Paige Thorne struggled to pay her bills after ‘nightmare’ brand deal with Forever Unique

‘It felt like the darkest time of my life’

Love Island 2022 star Paige Thorne has admitted she was left stressed about paying her bills when her partnership with Forever Unique broke down.

It was reported Paige was suing the clothing brand for an alleged breach of contract, seven months after she signed a six figure deal with them when she left the Love Island villa.

After leaving the show, Paige was being snapped up by a ton of major brands. “I had lots of opportunities already waiting for me when I came out of the villa in regards to brand deals. It was an exciting time,” she told OK Magazine.

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In August 2022, Paige signed a deal with Forever Unique, a Manchester based clothing brand by Real Housewives of Cheshire’s Seema Malhotra and her husband Sandeep.

Forever Unique was one of the first brands Paige met with and she chose them over others “due to their brand values”.

“I went to their office in Manchester, where Seema and the team couldn’t have been more accommodating and lovely,” she said. “They seemed to really care about the partners they worked with. They said I’d be welcomed into the team and be part of the family and if my initial collection did well, there would be talks of another one in the spring.”

The partnership seemed to be going well but Paige now claims she is owed money from Forever Unique. As part of her contract, Paige was to launch a clothing line with them and fulfil social media obligations.

Paige Forever Unique

via Instagram @paigethornex

It was previously reported Forever Unique had gone into liquidation. Begbies Traynor said every option “had been explored but there was no other choice” but to liquidate Dress Me Online Limited. The firm said Forever Unique was trading as normal.

Paige says she completed her side of the deal, but claims the company still owes her money. “I was literally like, ‘Oh my god, I’m owed money. Like, what am I meant to do?’ I was relying on that contract so much,” she explained.

“They welcomed me into the Forever Unique family and promised me the world. I felt like everything had fallen into place, but it quickly turned into a nightmare for me.”

Paige said the entire situation impacted her mental health. She said: “It’s shaken my confidence. I wish I could say it was a good experience, but it’s just been an absolute nightmare, and it’s ongoing.

“It felt like the darkest time of my life, and it put so much stress on my family as well – they were so worried about me.”

The Tab has contacted Forever Unique for comment.

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