These are the 10 most annoying people you’ll meet over your time at BU

I don’t judge, but they are the worst

It’s incredible how efficient some people are at ruining everyone else’s day. Some people can really get on your nerves and for me- it doesn’t take long. From the one who has a million questions in class to the one who goes “I’m broke right now, can I pay you later?”, I have encountered and listed all kinds of people that take no time to rile everyone up. So here you have it, these are the 10 most annoying people you’ll meet over your time at BU:

1. The know-it-all

I’m sure some of us might know someone who knows everything about everything. They might even know that you know that they know you know. Annoying, isn’t it? They’re constantly trying to jump between gossip sessions, dominate class discussions, and disrupt lectures with their knowledge, often interrupting others to interject their own opinions and ideas. They always believe they have the right answer and may even try to correct professors. Bold of them to think they have mastered the universe.

2. The non-engaged

The know-it-alls can be annoying but the non-engaged ones are as frustrating as they come. Why even sign up for something you don’t want or in some cases, need? They are uninterested in the coursework and may skip classes or assignments. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for bunking a few classes here or there; somedays you got to get that extra few hours of sleep. But to come back with three pending group discussions and no clue about the unit is a bit much, don’t you think? Frustrating, told you.

3. The constant questioner

Saying: “I have a question” can mean you are engaging and paying attention, but take that and play it a fifty times more, every two minutes. You don’t even have to get to fifty, it starts being irritating after the third time (yes, I have made a note of that). Although, the joy of being interrupted mid-sentence, or having your thoughts derailed by yet another inquiry that could have easily waited until later, is truly delightful. *Eye roll*

4. The party animal

I have a question (see what I did there?), what is the concept of personal space or boundaries? I’ll wait for you to sober up to answer that.

I’m really amused by how party animals invade our personal bubbles and drag us along to their next party, even when we have clearly expressed disinterest. It’s downright maddening when they organise a night out on a Monday night. I mean, who needs the ability to present themselves in a professional way the next day when you can reek of VKs and wear the same clothes from the night before, am I right?

5. The flaky friend

Oh sure, who doesn’t love having a flaky friend? You know, the one who cancels plans last minute or never even bothers to show up? It’s always so charming when they leave you hanging. You’re left wondering if they’re ever going to follow through on their word, leaving you to scramble for a backup option. And let’s not forget their amazing ability to never return calls or texts, making you feel oh-so-special and important. Oh, and when they finally do grace you with their presence, they act like they’re doing you a huge favour by simply showing up. C’mon, it’s totally normal to constantly flake out on your friends.

Truly, having a flaky friend is a delightful experience. It’s like a surprise every time you make plans with them, because who knows if they’ll actually show up or not! Such a thrill.

6. The nightmarish housemate

It’s like a personal hell to live with someone who leaves their dirty dishes in the sink for days on end, and who seems to think that a layer of grime on every surface is the height of interior design. And let’s not forget the utter disgust of stepping on mysterious sticky substances on the kitchen floor.

The constant sense of fear, never knowing what new pungent odor will greet you when you walk through the door. Will it be the lingering scent of a week-old takeout containers? Or, perhaps the expired baked beans can from months ago? The possibilities are truly endless. It’s like they’re giving the ants a chance to feast, too. Sharing is caring. Who needs basic cleanliness or consideration for others when you can live in a veritable pigsty? Well, definitely not them.

7. The library gossiper

Oh, let me just stop everything I’m doing to hear the latest gossip, while I’m in the library, trying to study. Because, you know, that’s the most important thing happening in the world right now. I absolutely can’t bear when someone decides to use their library voice to shout across the room like a foghorn. The struggle to concentrate on your own work while someone else is bellowing in your ear like a rabid walrus, is real. Sharing, or rather shouting, the gossip across the library must feel like a heroic thing, but take it from a serial gossiper, it absolutely is not.

8. The non-paying borrower

Serial non-paying borrowers should be boycotted. There, I said it. The constant begging for your own money does not get interesting, trust me, I have done it a thousand times (talk about learning from your own mistakes). Minus the fun, it’s like a game of hide-and-seek, and when you do find them, the creatively stupid excuses will give you a massive headache. “My dog ate my cheque book” or “I accidentally dropped my wallet in a volcano” – it’s like they’re competing for the most ridiculous excuse award. But hey, there’s always the satisfaction of helping the needy. *insert fake corporate smile*

9. The screamers and moaners

Imagine being woken up at 3am to the sound of someone shrieking like a banshee or moaning like they’re auditioning for a horror movie. It’s irksome. Whether you’re studying, relaxing, or trying to have a conversation with someone, they’re always there to provide a soundtrack to your day that might scar you for life. And the worst part is, you never know when it’s going to happen, so it’s like a hellish little surprise every night. Who needs to study or have a good night’s sleep anyway, right?

Also, let’s not talk about having to face them the next morning in the kitchen. It’s like playing a game of “who can pretend nothing happened the best?” Ah, the misery of a student accommodation life.

10. The bus drivers

There’s something about the bus schedule that feels like a personal attack. I don’t know what it is about the bus drivers annoying habit of pulling away from the curb just as you’re about to step on (because who needs to be on time, right?) but it will be the death of me. The one day that you arrive a few seconds late, they are on military time. Or else, their impeccable sense of timing will give you a stomach ache from biting your nails constantly. I reached the bus station five minutes early, but will I reach uni on time? I guess we’ll never know.

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