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MAFS Australia Jesse

Jesse says he felt ‘isolated’ while filming Married at First Sight Australia

‘My best friend, who was supposed to be my wife, kissed another dude’

Married at First Sight Australia cast member Jesse Burford has spoken candidly about feeling isolated while filming the marital experiment.

Jesse spoke with Daily Mail Australia and explained how it felt for him filming the show, without having close friends like other cast members did.

“I felt completely isolated. Like Ollie and Rupert were so tight. I was so envious of their friendship,” Jesse began. “I felt like Claire very much enjoyed having her own space and me not being in it. I felt like I didn’t have a best friend on MAFS.”

via Nine Network Australia

Rupert and Ollie are a bromance to come out of the show that everyone has become obsessed with. It has been reported the pair are planning to launch a satirical podcast together, poking fun at influencer culture.

“My best friend, who was supposed to be my wife, fricking kissed another dude and then didn’t honour my request to leave, and made me freaking stay and have to endure a redemption arc for her.”

Despite not feeling like he had friends on the show, Jesse said since filming ended on MAFS Australia he has developed some strong friendships.

“The strongest connection I’ve made with anyone in the cast is definitely Janelle,” he said. “We went though the same thing, we are both from the same city. I think next to Janelle would probably [be] a tie between Cam, Duncan and Harrison.”

Jesse and Duncan both recently shared photos of them together and the bromance they have going on is so wholesome.

“I know a lot of the viewers will hear Harrison’s name and just probably be shocked at that. And I just want to remind everyone they’re only seeing one per cent,” MAFS Australia groom Jesse claimed.

“Harrison was always there for me. He never did anything wrong by [me], and our friendship has continued and will continue since the show.”

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