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MAFS Australia relationships

These MAFS Australia brides and grooms all found love outside of the experiment

I’m just SO happy for them

The premise of Married at First Sight is simple. You get matched with a potential partner by literal sex and relationship experts, you have a fake wedding to really double down on the whole commitment to one another and hopefully you stay together and get married for real. That however, doesn’t always go to plan.

For a lot of people who have been on MAFS Australia, many of them leave the experiment single and still yearning to find their person and it can be quite hard, especially given the public has watched a previous romance of theirs play out on television. Since leaving the experiment, a lot of cast members from seasons past and present have found their person with someone else and it makes you want to cry seeing them all so happy!

So, if you are a bit nosey and want to see how some MAFS Australia cast members are doing in their new relationships, here is a deep dive into their new found happiness and we couldn’t be more chuffed for them!

Elizabeth Sobinoff

Elizabeth Sobinoff first appeared on Married at First Sight season six and since going on the show again and failing to find love there she has gotten married!

Lizzie first went public with her now husband, Alexander Vega, in April 2022 after keeping their relationship private for months.

“As a whole, I’m incredibly private,” she explained. “I did reality TV a lifetime ago. I’m so protective over my partner and there are so many negative, gossiping people out there, that go out of their way to talk trash.”

Lizzie and Alexander announced their engagement in August 2022 and got married in January 2023. Lizzie said her wedding day was the “happiest day of my life” and honestly, it’s what she deserves!

Jack Millar

Jack was matched with Domenica Calarco on MAFS Australia season nine but in the end remained close friends. It was actually Domenica who introduced Jack to his current girlfriend, Courtney Stubbs.

Courtney and Jack started dating in July 2022 after they met at an event. “I saw Courtney as I walked in and I was like, ‘hot damn’,” Jack said about meeting Courtney for the first time.

“He basically tried to talk to me the whole night and found any excuse to talk to me,” Courtney added. The same night of their first night, Jack met Courtney’s parents and the rest is history and they are still going strong.

Jack and Courtney announced earlier this year they were expecting their first child together.

“Overjoyed to share our magical secret with you,” the couple captioned the news, revealing that Baby Millar will arrive in November 2023.

Ella May Ding

Ella May Ding very recently went public with her new boyfriend, Guy, and they are the cutest couple. In a carousel of photos, Ella shared a photo of her and her new beau and everyone was obsessed with her hard launch.

She has since opened up about how they met, revealing she actually ghosted him six years ago. In an Instagram Q&A, she told her followers how the pair met and how they rekindled their romance.

“Normi and I have known each other for about six years. We have been friends for a really long time and we did actually date… but the timing was never in our favour,” she said.

“There was a time when he organised a picnic date in the back of his ute. He picked me up from work and he had Thai food. He had set up a picnic in the back of his ute with a torch, pillows, an esky, wine and it was so thoughtful but I’m pretty sure I ended it with him after that because I freaked out.”

The couple reunited at a festival in Australia and Guy had been pursuing Ella ever since and she described him as “just the best”.

Sam Ball

Sam was matched with Lizzie Sobinoff on Married at First Sight Australia and despite keeping out of the spotlight since the show, he has found love with fitness influencer Kylie Caires.

The couple went Instagram official in early 2023 and they have been on a bunch of road trips and recently spent Valentine’s Day together.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to the most beautiful woman I know. Te Amo,” he wrote in a sweet Instagram post.

Cyrell Paule

Cyrelle and her fiancé, Eden, have been together for over three years and despite breaking up in between, they are now engaged and have a child together.

The couple have had their ups and downs but still seem to be going strong. On their two year anniversary, Eden wrote: “Two years with my partner in crime. Love this fiery girl who never holds back, always speaks her mind and is always there for me. I’m lucky to call you my best friend. Love you.”

When announcing their engagement, Cyrell actually shocked fans in the most random way possible. When asked if they were getting married, Cyrell wrote: “Here’s the thing that I actually haven’t shared but will now. When I came back from filming The Challenge… Eden did ask me to marry him… And well to be continued.”

My guess is a wedding will soon be approaching!

Beck Zemek

Beck’s relationship with Jake Edwards did not work out on MAFS Australia, but she has well and truly moved on with the person she was seen kissing during the show.

When filming wrapped, Beck continued to see Ben and they now have a child together. Beck announced the news of their new addition in an Instagram post, and wrote: “The secret is out. Ben and I are over the moon to finally announce we are expecting a bundle of joy in May 2022!

“Who knew the best was yet to come? This is such a miracle for us and we are already filled with love for you little one.”

Al Perkins

Al Perkins is currently in a relationship with 18-year-old Hope Kelesis. The 26-year-old revealed he met Hope on The Island, a club in Sydney, and she was his first “proper girlfriend” and he was “over the moon”.

“I want to respect her privacy, so I don’t want to talk about her too much,” he said. “But we met on The Island and had an amazing time there, and then we’ve just been speaking ever since.

“It wasn’t until last week that we did the official hard launch on the Instagram story.”

Chris Jensen

Chris didn’t find love during the show but he is now engaged to cosmetic tattooist Tayla Made. The couple got engaged in 2022 and recently announced they were starting IVF.

“And so we begin our IVF journey together as a family. Buckle up buttercup!”, Chris wrote on Instagram.

Earlier this year the couple tied the knot at a ceremony in Italy.

Dion Giannarelli

Dion is now in a brand new relationship with Nikki Walton after his relationship with Carolina broke down during the experiment. Nikki is a yacht broker from Queensland and the pair made it official last year.

Caitlin McConville

Caitlin is now in a relationship with the man of her dreams following her exit from Married at First Sight Australia. It has only been a “couple of months” since she and her new boyfriend became “exclusive” but things seem to be going well.

“He treats me in a way I’ve never been treated before. It’s really nice – it is really different to be with somebody who treats me the way he does,” she told 9Entertainment.

Before Caitlin confirmed her romance, a close friend of hers revealed on a podcast she was seeing someone new. At the time, they said: “She’s dating this bloke and has been since Christmas actually. They’re pretty serious too. She’s met all his friends and they go to social gatherings as a couple together.”

So Dramatic have a photo of the happy couple. We love this for Caitlin!

Cameron Woods

Cameron recently went Instagram official with his new girlfriend. In a recent interview with 9Entertainment, Cameron confirmed he is “really happy” with his mystery girlfriend.

“I’ve got something really good going on back in Darwin at the moment,” he explained. “Lyndall is not aware, no. I kept that one quiet. I think she’d be happy for me, I think she’d be happy. I hope so.”

Cameron explained he met his new girlfriend at a party with some friends and they “hit it off” from there. He said: “We’re sitting happy. It’s someone I can be myself [around], I can be normal, I don’t have to be someone I’m not. I don’t have to talk about feelings every two seconds. It’s just good, it’s good to have someone who you enjoy being around with.”

Anthony Cincotta

Anthony left the experiment and reconnected with someone he used to work with before appearing on the show.

Speaking about his partner, Anthony said: “She’s gorgeous. She humours me and she puts up with me and my dagginess and all of my awkwardness. She’s been absolutely fantastic for me. I can confide in her. I feel like she’s got my back. I’ve got her back. It feels like a team and there’s a lot of passion there.”

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