Daniel Holmes on MAFS Australia

MAFS Australia’s Daniel Holmes quit OnlyFans because it didn’t ‘align’ with his ‘identity’

He said he only joined because of the money

Controversial Married at First Sight Australia groom Daniel Holmes has quit OnlyFans following a huge payout of $100,000 after being on the platform for nine months.

Daniel was on season nine of MAFS Australia and caused a fair bit of chaos during the experiment as he pursued a relationship with Carolina Santos, despite being matched with Jessica Seracino.

Daniel rejoined the experiment with Carolina and they even stayed together after filming ended but it was short lived as they broke up not long after. “I wish Carolina all the best and I know she feels the same for me,” he said in a statement.

“We had a very unique experience together full of every emotion possible but life just has a different plan for us.”

via Nine Network Australia

After the experiment ended, Daniel joined the adult platform as a result of the attention he received from his appearance on MAFS Australia, but he has since deleted it.

“I just did it for a quick bag [of money]. I knew coming off MAFS there would be a large influx of eyes, so I capitalised on that,” he told Daily Mail Australia.

“It’s not really my identity or something I’d see long term purpose in.” It has been reported Daniel earned a huge $100,000 from his time on OnlyFans.

Daniel was part of a long line of Married at First Sight Australia stars who joined OnlyFans after taking part in the marital experiment. Olivia Frazer, Jessika Power and Domenica Calarco are some of the highest earners on OnlyFans. Domenica recently said she had earned enough money on OnlyFans to put a deposit down on a house.

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