Brent and Tamara and Georgia and Liam during their final vows on MAFS Australia

A look back on the most dramatic Married at First Sight Australia final vows

Brent admitted he planned to storm off from Tamara

The final vows are the moments that truly round up everything we’ve seen the couples go through on Married at First Sight Australia. It has the same wholesome energy as the declarations of love and the savageness of a double dumping on Love Island, depending on how the final vows end up.

Over the years, some of the final vow outcomes have been unexpected and some have been tear-jerking, but for the most part, they are so dramatic, it gives the dinner party and commitment ceremony chaos a run for its money.

So while the final vows are coming to an end for UK viewers and the reunion soon looming, here is a look back on the most dramatic final vow moments in MAFS Australia history.

Brent and Tamara

At the end of season nine, Brent left everybody’s jaws firmly on the ground after he mic dropped his cards after dumping tamara. The brutal dumping saw the groom storm off after he described Tamara as “vindictive, spiteful and self absorbed”.

“Our relationship is capable of great things when we are thoughtful, understanding, kind and genuine,” he began.

“Well, we often had to hit rock bottom to get to his place. Unfortunately, the downhill spiral to the bottom was filled with disrespect. Closer to the end, as the stresses of the experiment really started to wear us down, your true colours showed you to be vindictive, spiteful and self absorbed.

“So on that note, good luck, good riddance,” he ended his speech before throwing his cards into the air and walking away. Nail biting stuff!

Brent later admitted he had pre-planned to throw his cards in the air before walking away. “I’ll be honest, I planned to drop the cards. I’d had enough and I was ready to walk away and make a statement that she needed to understand,” he said on The Handbags podcast.

“I had taken shot to shot from Tamara and I wanted to say my piece and walk away. It took me a week to write that speech.”

Duncan and Alyssa

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There was no final vows moment on MAFS Australia quite like Duncan and Alyssa’s. After weeks of back and forth upset between the couple, Duncan finally had his say without any interruptions.

In a location that looks like something out of a fairytale, Duncan brutally dumped Alyssa in something she didn’t see coming.

“I know what love and a great relationship is and we both deserve that. But our views on what a healthy relationship is seem to be apart,” he began.

“Maybe it’s our personalities or differing mindsets. Either way, the gap seems too big to bridge. I don’t want to hurt you or continue getting hurt so I have to say goodbye.”

Georgia and Liam

Georgia and Liam during their final vows on MAFS Australia

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In a final vows moment no one saw coming, Georgia and Liam take the crown. The couple started their vows off gushing about the other but then it quickly took a turn.

“I never imagined there could be someone I could have so many shared interests with and be my best friend. I started to feel things I had never felt before,” Georgia began.

“It was clear how humiliated I was, and yet you chose to abandon me that night when I needed you most. I never felt so small, inadequate and confused.”

No one could believe it, especially Liam. Georgia eventually dropped her vows to the floor and let Liam decided what he wanted to do.

He responded: “As much as I want to make this work that just shows you don’t know me. And I’m not going to have a partner that doesn’t know me. So let’s just call it quits.”

Jules and Cam

Cam proposing to Jules during the final vows on MAFS Australia

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Now just because it was dramatic, does not mean it was bad! Jules and Cam are the love story everyone looks up to on MAFS Australia. If their love for one another on the show wasn’t enough, their final vows could easily convince a person to sign up for the show.

Cam shocked everyone when he asked Jules to marry him for real during their final vows on MAFS Australia.

“Today just isn’t about remaining exactly as we are and committing to you beyond just today,” he began his vows.

“It’s about giving you and us the moment that we missed coming into this experiment. So this might be a little bit backwards. You make me so happy jules, will you marry me?”

Jules responded: “Yes of course I will. Of course I’ll stay married to you forever.” Are you crying? Because I’m crying x

Tracey and Dean

Tracey finally did what viewers had been asking her to do all season and that was dump Dean. During their experiment, Dean cheated on Tracey and she unleashed an epic takedown during their final vows.

After some grovelling from Dean, Tracey responded. “This experiment has reminded me that when I love a person I must not forget to take care of myself too. This experiment has shaken me awake and helped me see what I’m worth. Unfortunately Dean, you do not deserve me,” she said.

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