MAFS Australia groom Ryan Gallagher with his fiancee Emily Seebohm

Inside MAFS Australia’s Ryan Gallagher’s relationship with Olympian Emily Seebohm

They got engaged after four months of dating

Ryan Gallagher is a former Married at First Sight Australia groom no one can seem to stop thinking about lately. The groom has recently announced he will be joining OnlyFans and everybody is losing their minds over it.

He decided to make the move to the adult platform after thinking of doing it for years and it comes months after he proposed to his girlfriend, Emily. The couple haven’t been together for very long but they are the cutest.

So, here’s everything you need to know about MAFS Australia groom Ryan Gallagher’s relationship with Emily Seebohm.

Emily is an Olympic swimmer

Emily Seebohm is an Australian Olympic swimmer and has appeared at four Olympic Games from 2008 to 2021. The swimmer has won three Olympic gold medals, five world championship gold medals and seven Commonwealth Games gold medals. In case you were wondering, she is talented!

When Emily was a child, her family moved to Brisbane so her mother could coach swimming and the rest is history as we know it. At just 14 years old, Emily won the 100 metre backstroke at the 2007 Australian Championships and has continued to win gold ever since.

The couple got engaged after four months of dating

Emily and Ryan first met on The Challenge Australia in August 2022 and announced they were engaged earlier this year. Despite them announcing their engagement in March 2023, Emily revealed they actually got married in December 2022.

“We just wanted to live in our own little bubble, we just wanted that for us and our families,” she told The Daily Telegraph. In a TikTok, Emily said: “All the events we went to engaged, but no one knew.”


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Former MAFS Australia groom Ryan Gallagher popped the question next to a dam on his farm in New South Wales, something Emily had hinted was her dream location to get engaged.

“He told me that he’d asked my dad, so I definitely knew it was coming. On the day he was really cute and nervous about it, even though I knew it was happening,” she said.

Emily and Ryan are planning of having a ‘laid back’ wedding

The couple are planning on getting married in Queensland and having a “laid back” wedding. They are hoping to have the wedding “within the next year or two”, but are excited to plan their engagement party. “You only get one of them so why not?”, Ryan said.

Ryan said he instantly knew Emily was ‘the one’

MAFS Australia groom Ryan Gallagher told Woman’s Day: “When you know, you know”, talking about his love for Emily.

“I thought it was the right spot to do it,” he continued. “She loves the horses and she often swims in the dam. I did get nervous though. The box was making a bit of a bulge in my pocket. So either she knew I was proposing or she just thought I was happy to see her.”

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