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MAFS Australia chain restaurants

The MAFS Australia 2023 cast as the classic British chain restaurants they match the vibe of

You just know Duncan orders hot chicken from Nando’s and bosses it

You have probably never thought of which Married at First Sight Australia is intrinsically linked to a classic British food chain, but here we are. While of a number of them give off major independent Camden market restaurant vibes, deep down this year’s cast all have a British restaurant rooted inside of them.

Each cast member emits the vibe of a classic British restaurant we have found ourselves in at least once every other week, proving themselves to be quite like the rest of us. So, here are all the 2023 MAFS Australia cast member as what British chain restaurants they are based on their overall vibe.

Janelle – Pizza Express

Janelle is a woman who knows exactly what she wants and when it comes to choosing a hearty meal that is guaranteed to suffice everyone, it’s Pizza Express. Just that perfect level of fancy that everyone loves. Big Janelle vibes.

Ollie – Frankie and Benny’s

I’m not 100 per cent sure why Ollie emits big Frankie and Benny’s energy, but he just does. The right level of quirkiness that everyone adores and when someone suggests it, no one can say no.

Alyssa – Pret

Alyssa is the queen of boujiness and she would absolutely still pay for the Pret subscription no matter how much it rises. If she ever visited England, Pret would be the first coffee shop she goes to and will rave about the truffle mac and cheese for years and years. Given she’s a baker, she knows good cuisine when she sees one.

Tahnee – Slug and Lettuce

Tahnee gives off big Slug and Lettuce girly energy. She’s getting dressed up and scoring every two for one deal possible. You just know a pornstar martini is always in her basket.

Adam – McDonald’s

Well someone had to get it! Deffo puts cheese in his chicken mayo.

Duncan – Nando’s

Duncan. The person everyone adores and always will for years to come. Nando’s is a restaurant nobody will say no to and will always enjoy no matter how many times they’ve been there. A restaurant everybody loves and will convince to go to every single time someone fancies a takeaway.

Jesse – TGI Fridays

Jesse was a marriage celebrant before he appeared on MAFS Australia and his level of extravagance perfectly matches the vibe of TGI Fridays. You just know he’d pretend it was his birthday to get the balloon crown.

Bronte – Gourmet Burger Kitchen

A classy restaurant for a classy lady. Now, no one really goes to GBK unless it’s the only burger place in the shopping centre or you’re too fancy for a Five Guys. Bronte gives off the vibe all her plates are actually slates and every night at her house is an episode of Come Dine With Me, based on nothing but presentation.

Sandy – Las Iguanas

Las Iguanas, the perfect vibe for the perfect woman. You just know Sandy would love their bottomless brunches like everybody else does.

Harrison – Subway

Deffo orders a ham and cheese sub.

Claire – Revolution

If one person emits the chaotic vibes of Revolution, it’s Claire. She is up on the table dancing to every major banger they play during bottomless brunch and that’s why we love her! A kindred spirit who doesn’t care what people think of her.

Dan – Turtle Bay

Given the fact Dan has opened his own tequila bar, it makes sense he loves a cocktail. He also gives off the vibe he knows how to handle his spice and jerk chicken seasoning wouldn’t even have him break a sweat.

Rupert – Wetherspoons

If there is one cast member who emits the biggest British boy energy, it’s Rupert. Three plates for a tenner? Rupert is all over it.

Layton – Greggs

Layton is always straight to the point and never backs down from an argument and will stand by a sausage roll being the greatest pastry on the Greggs menu. If he lived in England, he’d be bringing in an array of pastries for his co-workers every morning.

Melinda – Leon

When it comes to chain restaurants, MAFFS Australia bride Melinda isn’t one for just any kind of chain, she’s a fancy lady. Those crinkle cut chips and aioli sauce scream Melinda.

Evelyn – Be At One

Evelyn gives off the vibe she loves a cocktail but not any old cocktail, a Be At One cocktail. It’s the perfect level of class that sums up Evelyn perfectly.

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