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Tahnee, Alyssa, Ollie and Duncan on MAFS Australia

MAFS Australia’s Tahnee says the hate Alyssa receives on social media is ‘sad to see’

‘The personal attacks she has to cop, I think that’s quite sad’

Married at First Sight Australia star Tahnee Cook has said it’s been sad to see all the hate Alyssa has been receiving as a result of her portrayal on the marital experiment.

Alyssa became a household name for her one liners: “I have a child” and “I need attention”, which she has been capitalising on by releasing her own merchandise, but she has since admitted she found herself in a “dark place” after receiving a ton of hate from viewers as a result of her portrayal on the show.

Speaking on Al Perkins and Taku Chimwaza’s Back To Reality podcast, MAFS Australia bride Tahnee said it’s been “sad” to see the reaction to Alyssa from viewers on social media.

“[I’m] not surprised, but I think I was sad to see the reaction to Alyssa,” she began. “I think Alyssa is so beautiful and she is just such a nice woman. I think it’s sad to see the hate she’s coping that really upsets me. I think she obviously wasn’t shown in the best light, but I think that’s been the saddest to see.”


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Ollie also echoed this on a Reddit Q&A and said Alyssa was portrayed unfairly on the show and said she is “a really beautiful human inside and out”. “I’m sure she looks back and there are things she could have done differently, but personally, I had nothing but great interactions with them both,” he admitted, talking about Alyssa and Duncan.

MAFS Australia bride Tahnee continued: “She’s [Alyssa] really making the most of it but it sucks. I think she has her moments because I think people try to message her and you just don’t realise how many people care about the show and how people are so invested in you. The personal attacks she has to cop, I think that’s quite sad.”

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