Al Perkins doing a shoey on MAFS Australia

MAFS Australia’s Al Perkins reveals he got a fungal infection from doing a gross party trick

‘I swear my throat hasn’t been the same’

Married at First Sight Australia season nine groom Al Perkins has revealed he contracted a fungal infection in his throat after drinking alcohol out of a shoe, something he calls his “party trick”.

Speaking to Yahoo, Al said he loves doing shoeys and finds it “liberating” but he once contracted a fungal infection as a result of it.

“I remember one time I did a shoey, someone gave me their shoe and I did it,” he explained. “I gave them back their shoe and they were like, ‘Oh I’ve got warts on my foot’. And I swear that my throat hasn’t been the same.”

Al Perkins did shoeys a lot during his time on MAFS Australia and he has said he doesn’t plan on stopping doing them anytime soon.

He said: “I’m not sick of shoeys just yet. It gets the group going and it uplifts the mood. I’ve never denied a shoey, I’ll always keep doing them. I’m at the stage now, it’s been like over 12 months since our season aired an [people] forget my name, they forget everything about me, but all they remember is the shoey part. I’m just going to ride it out for as long as it lasts.”

Al Perkins was on MAFS Australia season nine and was matched with Samantha Moitzi. Their relationship didn’t work out and soon after he appeared on Love Island Australia and didn’t find love again. He is now in a relationship with 18-year-old TikToker Hope Kelesis. Hope is Al’s “first proper girlfriend”.

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