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Lyndall and Tayla on MAFS Australia

MAFS Australia’s Lyndall says she was ‘blindsided’ by Tayla calling her a bully

‘I genuinely had no idea that was coming’

Married at First Sight Australia bride Lyndall Grace has broken her silence after her co-star Tayla Winter called her a “bully” on social media.

Tayla entered the experiment as an intruder bride and posted a scathing comment about her co-star Lyndall Grace before her social media accounts were taken away.

“Lyndall, you’re the biggest bully I’ve ever met,” she wrote. “The amount of hurt you have caused many people is damaging and dangerous. I’m hoping people get to tell their truth and the real story is heard sooner rather than later. Be kind people and not only in front of a camera, behind closed doors.”

Lyndall responded to Tayla’s claims, admitting she found it “very confusing”. Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Lyndall said: “I’ve never been called a bully before, I don’t think there are many people that share that sentiment, but it was an awful thing to see. I genuinely had no idea that was coming.”

MAFS Australia bride Lyndall said she couldn’t give any example of her saying “anything hurtful or nasty” to Tayla. “It was upsetting to see, but I just don’t understand where she got that from,” she continued. “It is what it is and she said it now, but I think it’ll all become pretty clear by the end of the show.”

In episodes currently airing in the UK, it was revealed Tayla had seen Cameron’s penis while he was on a night out. Cameron FaceTimed Tayla during a night out with his friends where he got naked in a nightclub and showed Tayla. MAFS Australia bride Tayla said it was “funny” but Lyndall and the rest of the cast didn’t find humour in the situation.

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