Married at First Sight UK’s Gemma claims she was used to create ‘fantastic television’

‘I feel really ashamed of myself for believing the experiment’

Married at First Sight UK 2022 cast member Gemma Barnes has claimed the show “used” her to create television for viewers, leading her to have a mental breakdown.

For a second year, Married at First Sight UK followed the same layout as the Australia version and in 2022, viewers were introduced to an intruder couple, Gemma and Matt. Viewers often watched Gemma in tears and arguing with Matt during various dinner parties and commitment ceremonies.

Gemma has since admitted she regrets going on the show and claimed it worsened her alcohol addiction. “I feel really ashamed of myself for believing the experiment,” she told The Sun.


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Gemma and Matt had a rough time during the show and eventually split after Matt decided to continue the experiment with someone else. Behind the scenes of all this, Gemma was struggling with a severe alcohol addiction and claimed despite counsellors acknowledging she was suffering from trauma, they allegedly said she was fine to do the TV show.

“I said, ‘Do you think I should be going on a TV show?’ They’re like, ‘Yes, you’ll be fine. We’re going to look after you.’ That’s obviously not true. They just think, ‘Oh, someone weak and we can pick all those bits that they want to change about themselves, and we can let that unravel on television knowing that we’re going to give them to ultimate challenge.'”

In a previous interview with MailOnline, former MAFS UK bride Gemma said the “welfare was fantastic” during the experiment, and the team would visit them “multiple times” in the day.

Gemma insisted she signed up to the experiment to find love but confessed she used the time as “a little rehab and a way to escape that lifestyle”, however she claims she and the cast would “get as much wine as possible”.

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Former MAFS UK bride Gemma says she is now feelings “a lot better” and is in a “much better place” since she has been sober. “Since I’ve been sober I haven’t had a day off. I’m getting my passion back, and pushing to go back. I really slacked with everything and now I do feel back to myself, and really well-rested. I want to be the mother that I was before Covid hit.

“I’m feeling really healthy and you can only concentrate on the things that you love and enjoy when you feel that way and I love and enjoy my children.”

In response to Gemma’s claims about the show, a Channel 4 spokesperson told The Sun: “All individuals taking part in MAFS UK have been deemed suitable to take part by an independent clinical psychologist and after being cast all contributors have the ability to stay in or leave the process at any stage.

“Contributor care and wellbeing is of paramount importance and appropriate support is available to contributors before, during and after broadcast. During filming, alcohol consumption is at the discretion of individuals, but it is monitored and limited by the production team. All broadcast episodes of MAFS UK are a fair and accurate reflection of the events that took place.

“While not every contributor finds lasting love in the MAFS process, many have a positive and enriching experience and the UK franchise has brought together couples who remain in committed relationships and have started families.”

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