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Now the experiment is over, this is what the MAFS Australia 2023 cast are all up to now

Ollie and Tahnee have moved in together!

Married at First Sight Australia has now come to an end in the UK and a lot of viewers can’t help but wonder what the season 10 cast have been up to since the cameras stopped rolling. A number of them are now in new relationships and some have gone back to their old jobs after getting what they wanted from the show.

While only two couples stayed together after the experiment, the cast all seem to be doing well and are getting on with their lives. So, here’s what MAFS Australia 2023 cast are all doing now.


Duncan quickly became everyone’s favourite cast member on this season of MAFS Australia. Duncan is now in a relationship with his co-star Evelyn Ellis after the grew closer after filming for the show ended. Beyond his relationship status, Duncan has been spending time with his co-stars and even hosted a reunion viewing party with a number of them.

From the looks of his Instagram, it seems Duncan has been spending a lot of time with his friends and family and making the most of his newfound fame. He has been attending events alongside Evelyn and they have looked good doing it.


Evelyn was an intruder bride on this year’s MAFS Australia but she became an icon amongst the other cast members, especially after the sordid butt dial fiasco. Since filming for the show ended, Evelyn has been living her best life on jet skis and kicking off wedding season in high fashion as always.

It has been reported Evelyn is in the works to host her own podcast with her best friend after social media pages were launched with the two in shot. If there was ever a time we needed more of Evelyn’s wit, it’s now!


Since leaving the experiment, Rupert has been spending time with his friends and more importantly time with Ollie. Ollie and Rupert formed a solid bromance while on the show together and it’s incredibly sweet to see it has continued on the outside.

From the looks of his Instagram, Rupert has been at the beach, having barbecues enjoying the Australian summer. Rupert also gave Evelyn and Duncan his blessing for them to crack on and honestly, there’s nothing more wholesome than that.


Alyssa hasn’t left MAFS Australia in the past just yet and is making merchandise coining her iconic phrase “I have a child”. Alongside her new business venture, Alyssa has been reconnecting with her friends outside of the experiment and as it is to be assumed, spending time with her child.

She is currently on holiday in Hawaii with her two friends, poking fun at those who suggesting she fled Australia after the show aired down under.


Janelle has uprooted her life since the experiment and the MAFS Australia 2023 cast member is now living in Sydney after moving from Perth. While in Sydney, she has been spending time with some of her co-stars, including Alyssa, Evelyn and Josh.

Janelle recently announced she and Jesse shared a kiss after filming for the show ended but the pair decided not to pursue anything further. Speaking to Yahoo Australia, Janelle said: “So there are some articles of me and Jesse hanging out a lot in Perth. We did have a bit of a trauma bond and, he might hate me, but we have shared a peck. Just an innocent little peck that’s it.”

“It might have been friendly, it might have been romantic, I’m not sure. But we have had the conversation that we weren’t going to pursue anything because I moved to Sydney. So at the moment, we’re just really good friends.”


After MAFS Australia, Jesse went back home and from looks of his active marriage celebrancy account, he possibly went back to work. Like a lot of his co-stars, Jesse has been spending time with the other cast members and more closely with Janelle. The pair were spotted holding hands but now Janelle has moved to Sydney, nothing has come of it.

“Janelle and I were looking cosy because we are good mates,” he said before admitting they had discussed the possibility of a relationship. “Janelle just moved to Sydney, so even if we were going to walk down that path, we both said to each other that a long distance relationship is not something that is an option for us.”


Adam has remained silent on his socials since appearing on the show, not revealing a whole lot of what he’s been up to. One thing we can reveal is Adam is taking Tayla on a trip to London after they became good friends on the show. Sweet!


After Claire left the experiment she spent most her time with Sandy after the pair formed a close friendship on the show. From the looks of Claire’s Instagram, Claire has been travelling across Australia, eating good food and attending events non-stop. She was recently at the Grand Prix and attended a stunning dinner party with her friends.


Everyone felt for Caitlin when she left the experiment after he relationship with Shannon came crashing down. Since then, she has been miss moving on and is now in a new relationship. Talking about her new boyfriend, Caitlin said: “He treats me in a way I’ve never been treated before. It’s really nice – it is really different to be with somebody who treats me the way he does.”

Caitlin has also got a new job and is working alongside her co-star Melinda. The former bride was facing financial difficulties after she appeared on the show and so Melinda offered her a job. “I was working a different job and I was saying how I needed another job, something I can enjoy a little bit more and something a bit more financially stable,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“And Melinda was like, ‘Babe, get your qualifications and come work for me! And I was like, ‘I already have them!’ So we just thought why not? We’re both Brisbane girls and we both have the same qualifications in this industry. Women supporting women vibes.” Caitlin said it’s a “pleasure” to work for Melinda and described her as a “great boss and a great friend”.


Shannon didn’t make the best impression on viewers and the experts during MAFS Australia, especially when he admitted he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend. Since the show, Shannon has gone to work as an Uber Eats and got back with his girlfriend, who is now expecting another child.


Tahnee is definitely this year’s fan favourite after her relationship with Ollie blossomed over eight weeks on the show. She and Ollie are still in a relationship and they recently moved in together. Ollie moved to Sydney to be with Tahnee and now they live in a two-bedroom home in Darlinghurst in Sydney, which Woman’s Day described as “the heart of a trendy suburb”.

Tahnee has recently revealed she has gone back to her day job following her time on the experiment. Tahnee worked in the PR industry before the show which checks out because she gives off major wholesome PR girly vibes.


she’s back to her day job (that we love) 🥰 #mafsau

♬ original sound – RuBo89🖤


Bronte was a major character in this year’s MAFS Australia and is now living her best single life. The former bride took some time off social media after the show as it took a toll on her mental health but she has since been spending time with her MAFS bestie Lyndall. It was recently reported Bronte and Lyndall had signed up with the same management, suggesting they’ll be capitalising on their newfound fame.


No one will ever be able to talk about MAFS Australia season 10 without mentioning Harrison. After the show, Harrison got into a new relationship and they now live together. The former groom is now said to be using his platform to help single men in Australia.

Speaking on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Harrison said: “A lot of men will give dating advice, but they don’t give post-breakup advice. How to find yourself, how to live again after a big setback like that. I think there are a lot of platforms I can be spreading with this platform I have now.”

A source close to Harrison told Yahoo the former groom wants to use his platform to “defend masculinity and speak up for men across Australia” in what he feels is now ” woman’s world.”


MAFS Australia 2023 cast member Dan is now the owner of a tequila bar and Mexican cantina called Nacho Baby in Australia. Kind of iconic from him to be honest. Can I come?


When she isn’t beefing Harrison in Facebook comments, Lyndall has been spending time with her new bestie Bronte and spending summer the way it was intended. Eating good food and drinking good alcohol!


In his many Instagram dumps, Ollie has been spending time with his friends, living it up with Tahnee and doing some spot on impressions of the MAFS Australia cast and experts. It’s been widely reported Ollie and Rupert and planning on setting up a satirical podcast together.


Quickly after leaving the experiment, Josh went home to his kids and now the MAFS Australia 2023 cast member has gone back to his day job. In an exclusive interview with The Tab, Josh said his life hasn’t changed all that much since appearing on MAFS Australia.

“Life hasn’t changed much since the show finished,” Josh told The Tab from his home in Australia. “I went back to work and got on with life.” Despite being on one of the biggest TV shows in Australia, Josh said he doesn’t get recognised all that much. “I think because I wasn’t on the show for that long and I also changed how I looked to maintain privacy when with my children and distance myself from the events I went through.”


Sandy has been living her best life since leaving the experiment. She’s grown close to Claire, who was also on the show, and they have been attending events and partying together. It was recently reported she had signed to the same talent agency as Lyndall and Bronte so we can expect some big things from her soon!


Melissa has been spending time with her MAFS co-stars since the experiment, including Tahnee, Layton, Hugo, Tahnee and Janelle.


Layton and Melinda stayed together after the show and they even spent the Christmas holidays with one another. Layton has been appearing at events with Melinda and has been hanging out with Evelyn, Claire, Hugo and Josh since the experiment. He also moved to Brisbane to be with Melinda. Wholesome!


Much like Layton, Melinda has been spending time with her partner and her MAFS Australia co-stars.


Cameron moved back to Darwin after MAFS Australia 2023 and the former cast member is now in a new relationship. Talking about his new relationship, Cameron said he is “really happy”.

“I’ve got something really good going on back in Darwin at the moment,” he explained. “Lyndall is not aware, no. I kept that one quiet. I think she’d be happy for me. I hope so.”

Cameron explained he met his new girlfriend at a party with some friends and they “hit it off” from there. He said: “We’re sitting happy. It’s someone I can be myself [around], I can be normal, I don’t have to be someone I’m not. I don’t have to talk about feelings every two seconds. It’s just good, it’s good to have someone who you enjoy being around with.”


Hugo hasn’t posted a whole lot since the experiment so it is unclear what he has been up to since the show but he did spark relationship rumours with fitness influencer, Carla Chatkiewicz. He was pictured looking cosy next to Carla and they were spotted on a number of dates together.

A source told Daily Mail Australia the Carla and Hugo “really hit it off”, adding: “They have so much in common and their chemistry is undeniable. It’s like night and day compared to his relationship with Tayla.”


Tayla told The Tab she went back to work as a nurse after appearing on the show. The former MAFS Australia 2023 cast member has now be spotted with her ex-boyfriend Daniel in Tasmania.

“Tayla and Daniel were all over each other and shared a steamy kiss,” a source told Daily Mail Australia.

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