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MAFS Australia 2023 transformation

The MAFS Australia 2023 cast have switched up their looks and undergone major transformations

Tahnee has gone full Barbie

It has been just under one year since Married at First Sight Australia was filmed and a lot of the cast have majorly changed up their looks, and somehow look even more gorgeous. Whether it’s a new hairdo, makeover or the glow of being in a healthy relationship, a number of this year’s MAFS Australia cast members all look SO different.

While there have been some truly wild transformations over the years, none from this year are that dramatic. But they are glowing as bright as ever! So, here are the biggest post-show transformations of the MAFS Australia 2023 cast.


Bronte has had a huge hair makeover since appearing on the show and is glowing more than ever! Our fave bride has had the chop and has gone back to a bob. “They say hair holds onto energy and memories, so bye,” she wrote in her first Instagram post since getting her handle back.


One huge post show transformation from a MAFS Australia 2023 cast member is Josh. Josh has had a big makeover, something he has confirmed he did for privacy. In an exclusive interview with The Tab, Josh said he changed up his look to “distance myself from the events I went through”.

He told The Tab: “Life hasn’t changed much since the show finished. I went back to work and got on with life. I think because I wasn’t on the show for that long and I also changed how I looked to maintain privacy when with my children and distance myself from the events I went through.”


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Jesse has grown his hair out loads since appearing on the show and I’m a little jealous. Jesse became well known among viewers for his long hair and it has only continued to grow longer. I need his haircare routine ASAP.


In one Instagram photo after the experiment, Caitlin shared a makeup free look to the grid, captioning it with a truly empowering statement.

“Some say less is more – and yes, we’re all entitled to our opinions,” she began. But I say, wear whatever and look however makes you feel confident, empowered and beautiful, regardless of what other people have to say. We are multifaceted human beings and there’s nothing wrong with embracing the many different versions of yourself. In a world where people are too quick to tear others down, be the person who chooses instead, to lift others up.” Preach!

Caitlin has now updated her look even further, debuting an all-black hair look. When debuting her new look on Instagram, Caitlin wrote: “Harnessing my potential to ‘level up'”. Slay!


Like a lot of the MAFS Australia brides, Tahnee has undergone a hair transformation and it couldn’t be more fitting. Since the show, Tahnee has given her hair a touch of pink and I’m simply obsessed.

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