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PR girlies and models: The MAFS Australia 2023 cast who have gone back to their day jobs

Cameron is doing a lot of remote work!

Given the success Married at First Sight Australia has given former brides and grooms, it’s fair to assume all of them would go on to become full-blown reality TV stars and influencers – but that isn’t the case for a lot of the season 10 cast.

All of the cast members had incredibly successful careers before appearing on MAFS Australia and it comes as no surprise a number of them have gone back to doing what they know and love. Here are the MAFS Australia 2023 cast members who have gone back to their day jobs since the experiment:


Melinda was the CEO of a number of businesses before she appeared on the experiment and now the show has finishing airing in Australia and the UK, she has gone right back to it.

In a recent Instagram story, Melinda revealed she was going back to the “world of influencing” and was looking forward to share with her new followers what she is getting up to now she has access to her Instagram again.

“I’ve taken a break from a stories for a while as you know. I have just turned on all my comments and my messages. I’ve had them off for a little while, enjoying a nice zen break from all of this but it’s time to get back into the world of influencing [and] show you guys what I’ve been up to.”

Melinda’s bio now has a list of all her companies, stating she is the CEO of Feather Sisters, owner of Melly’s Beauty Parlour and director of BSSA Store.


Layton is another MAFS Australia 2023 groom who went straight back to his day jon after the show. During an Instagram Q&A, Layton was asked if he went back to corporate working and he said: “I’m still in corporate. I’m still acting MD for CannPal [and] I’ve taken on a new ASX board role with MFC pharma, and going through a funding round for a new company researching serotonin receptor agonists for neurological disorders.

“But I want to limit to the above for the next three to five years.”


Tahnee was previously working in the PR industry before appearing on MAFS Australia 2023 and she has gone right back to her day job. In a TikTok video, Tahnee confirmed she would be returning to her day job and not going down the modelling and influencer route a lot of viewers assume people on the show would.


she’s back to her day job (that we love) 🥰 #mafsau

♬ original sound – RuBo89🖤


Josh was one of the first participants to leave the experiment after failing to establish a strong connection with his match, Melissa. Josh revealed to The Tab after MAFS Australia 2023 he went back to his day job and “got on with life”.

He said: “Life hasn’t changed much since the show finished. I went back to work and got on with life. I think because I wasn’t on the show for that long and I also changed how I looked to maintain privacy when with my children and distance myself from the events I went through.

“I still go to the same places and do the same things. I’ve only been recognised twice at my gym.”


Caitlin had to leave her job while taking part on the experiment but she quickly went back to doing what she knew and loved when her co-star Melinda gave her an opportunity. Caitlin is now a senior technician at Melly’s Beauty Parlour, specialising in eyelashes and eyebrows.

Caitlin explained she wanted a job more financially stable, and Melinda was extremely helpful. “I was working a different job and I was saying how I needed another job, something I can enjoy a little bit more and something a bit more financially stable,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“And Melinda was like, ‘Babe, get your qualifications and come work for me!’ And I was like, ‘I already have them!’ So we just thought why not? We’re both Brisbane girls and we both have the same qualifications in this industry. Women supporting women vibes.” Wholesome! When can I book my appointment!?


Tayla also told The Tab she had returned to her job after appearing on the show, allowing her to “forget the nonsense”.

She said: “I work in the homeless shelters for kids in Hobart therefore I am thrown into reality pretty quickly and forget the nonsense. I’m also a nurse in the mental health ward and even patients have been very kind to me.”


Janelle was a beauty and makeup influencer before appearing on Married at First Sight Australia and she has continued doing that, expanding her opportunities since moving to Sydney.

She previously said she is “very lucky” to get to do what she does for a living as an influencer. When explaining her career, she said: “I do a lot of beauty-related content and I get a lot of brand sponsorships from that and I am very lucky to get paid for what I do.”


Similarly to Janelle, Evelyn was also an influencer before joining the show as an intruder bride. From the looks of her Instagram, Evelyn has gone right back into influencing as well as modelling.

The former MAFS Australia bride was recently on the cover of MAXIM Australia.


Duncan worked in cyber security before appearing on MAFS Australia. In a TikTok, Evelyn recorded herself poking fun at herself and Duncan and captioned it: “POV: Your boyfriend has a real job.”


Cameron’s job was a topic everyone weighed in on during MAFS Australia due to what he did. The carpenter worked in Indigenous communities in the remote Northern Territory, often meaning he was away from work for six months at a time. After MAFS Australia 2023, Cameron went back to his day job and has been making the long distance work with his new girlfriend.

In an Instagram story, Cameron said that Lyndall was not the right person for him but has since find the right person in his new girlfriend.

“I was ready to commit. 100 per cent. But Lyndall wasn’t the right person for me, so why would I commit to someone who wasn’t the right person?” he explained. “Doing remote work? I’m doing it now and I’m in a relationship. Yes it has its times where it’s hard but it’s working out.”

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