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Married at First Sight UK 2023 is reportedly set to be the ‘most explosive yet’

Two grooms are planning a boxing match?!

Get ready because the new season of Married at First Sight UK is fast approaching and is reportedly set to be the wildest it has ever been.

There was a lot of drama last season and ever since MAFS Australia filled the void with their chaos, viewers are desperate for another fix of the UK show.

With filming well underway, rumours have already began to spread about the cast members and a source close to the show has revealed there is going to be way more drama than past seasons combined.

Married at First Sight UK 2023

via Channel 4

According to OK!, the new season is set to have a bunch of arguments and of course, a wife swap scandal. “This season of MAFS UK has just finished and it is very explosive,” the source said.

“[There’s] wife swapping, massive rows and even a physical altercation between two of the grooms. One of them was even  removed from the show.”

The source claimed filming for the upcoming season has now ended and the WhatsApp chat is POPPING off with next level drama.

“Since filming ended, the cast’s WhatsApp group chat has blown up. The two grooms are going head-to-head and are planning a boxing fight between them. The reunion is due to be filmed in July and at this rate it will be explosive,'” the source claimed.

The cast this year is said to be younger than previous seasons, with one of the youngest cast members being 29 years old and the oldest, 51.

Married at First Sight UK 2023

via Channel 4

The insider also claimed the UK version is going to top all the drama that happened during season 10 of MAFS Australia. “By the sounds of it, if people think the Australian version is good, then they’ll be shocked by this year’s UK one,” they added.

Mel Schilling has even backed up the claims of this season being the best yet, and promised fireworks during an appearance on This Morning.

Host Alison Hammond asked: “What about the UK version? Is that coming back?” Mel responded: “Yes. We are filming it right now.” “How’s it going?” Alison asked, to which Mel said: “Incredible! I cannot say anything yet. It’s incredible. It’s a different level.”

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