This is what your student life at UEA would be like if you starred on a reality TV show

That’s showbiz baby

One of my guilty pleasures is watching reality TV. If I need a day off then it is guaranteed I will be binging old re-runs of Love Island and Married at First Sight. But one thing all the shows have in common is a lot of drama.

Being at UEA, it is a very small campus which means it would be a great location for a reality TV show – stick with me here. Whether it’s running into people you want to avoid or having a campus crush, there’s always gossip. I’m thinking a cross between 90210 and Made in Chelsea, just without the palm trees or the sights of Notting Hill.

Picture the scene: The crew are filming 24/7 on campus. There’s no time to get glam, the viewers want to see authentic life at UEA. Waking up hungover for your 9am or having a weekly cry. The cameras want the tea! So, put on your showbiz face as this is what to expect when entering the rosy-tinted light of reality TV:

Arguments and drama

There is no question that this would be happening at A-list. You can feel the drama brewing all week ready to be unleashed after one blue VK. The security would be on hand if anything got too rowdy.

The awaited proposal

I am yet to see this happening but I think the square would be a very cute spot. Of course, it would be a very public proposal so could be awkward if it was a “no” but also would make great TV.

The holiday

All students need a rest and filming a holiday with a group of uni students would be great footage. It will vary on whom is being filmed as I’m sure a football tour would be different content to a girls holiday in Majorca.


I think Ziggy’s would be perfect for a gossip about whose housemate is dating who and “Did you hear about that rugby boy?”. It also feels less public than Unio or the SU bar so there’s less chance of an awkward run-in to the person you’re talking about.

(Photo credit: Lucy Matthes)

A date

Yard is the perfect, cosy date spot to film. What more could you want than pasta and wine? Or it could be a solo date as we don’t need to rely on someone to take us there.

(Photo credit: Hanna Lili)

‘Beach hut scenes’

You know the scenes on Love Island where they sit in a beach hut and admit their true feelings towards their partner? Well these would be filmed on the scenic views of the lake. Away from the noisy campus.

Having a cry

This would definitely be on the bus back to London or into the city when severely hungover. The cameras could pan the scenic journey into the city as you regret your decisions of the semester and prepare for season two next term!

If a TV producer doesn’t see the potential in Norwich then you’ll just have to settle for pretending that your life is a reality TV show everyday!

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