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Here is everything creative you could do in summer term at Lancaster

Reward yourself for all the revision you have or haven’t been doing x

As we enter exam season, we thought you might like a break from revision, and what better way to do that than to do something creative? We’ve compiled a list of some of the creative things happening on campus and in Lancaster this term and things to do to give you a bit of respite.

Lancaster Music Society

The university’s Music Society has two events this term. The first, on the 18th June from 3-5pm, is their “Concert at the Castle”, which will feature the music society’s Big Band and Brass Band. This event, in Lancaster Castle’s courtyard, is free entry. The other event is their Summer Showcase, on the 1st July at 6pm. This showcase involves the society’s Big Band, Choir, Orchestra, String Orchestra, Swing Group and Wind Band, which will all be performing in the Nuffield Theatre in the Great Hall complex.

LUTG productions

Image via instagram @machinal.lutg

Lancaster University Theatre Group have a few productions this term including Machinal, The Lost Song Bird, The Camel’s Back and Cheeze.

Machinal is an amateur production of Sophie’s Treadwell’s Machinal. This, directed by Isaac Gavin, will be shown on the 24th, 25th and 26th June in the Jack Hylton Room on campus.

The Lost Song Bird, a musical, written and composed by Ian Quint Lesner, will also be held in the Jack Hylton Room on campus on the 17th and 18th June. LUTG’s Facebook describe its synopsis as “A lost protagonist, a meddling narrator, and a lion with imposter’s syndrome team up to find a legendary songbird, and discover their own music along the way.”

The Camel’s Back is an original play written by William Oliver shown in the Jack Hylton Room on the 22nd June. The production’s assistant stage manager describes it as “about an alcoholic chiropractor who ends up killing one of his patients…it’s about the fallout of that…[there’s] a sociopathic receptionist, a tired wife… it’s mad really”.

The final LUTG production this term is Cheeze, which will be playing at the Gregson Centre on the 30th June and the 1st July. Cheeze is an anthology play written and directed by George Nolan, the president of LUTG. As an anthology play, it will be made up of various stories all centring around cheese switching through the different genres of theatre such as farce, fantasy and horror.

Image via instagram @cheeze.lutg

The Dukes

The Dukes Theatre in Lancaster is presenting a production of Around the World in 80 Days, following Phileas Fogg as he attempts to travel around the world in just 80 days. The production will be held in Williamson Park from Friday 21st July to Sunday 27th August. Tickets are available on The Dukes’ website.

Pottery cafe

You could do something else creative to take a break from your exams: visit PottyRoo’s pottery cafe in Morecambe. Book on Facebook to paint pottery for an hour with an array of pottery to choose from. This would make a lovely day out and you could even enjoy an ice cream afterwards on the beach.

The Storey

The Storey often has creative events throughout the year such as life drawing workshops and exhibitions, which you can look at on their website. The Printroom cafe in the Storey is holding a music open mic night on the 9th June from 7pm until 10pm, with free entry.

Another upcoming event at The Storey is the Lancaster Art Fair from the 21st-27th July. This art fair will feature work from local artists, workshops and activities with free entry.

Tie Dye

You could also organise a creative afternoon for yourself. You could paint candles, make earrings out of polymer clay or tie dye some shirts. Doing this outside is also a bonus, by Lake Carter on campus is great but there is also Williamson Park and the many green spaces in Lancaster.

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