Evelyn Ellis reveals how she covered up her huge tattoo sleeve every day on MAFS Australia

She is in the process of getting it lasered off

Married at First Sight Australia bride Evelyn Ellis has revealed how she covers up her huge tattoo sleeve in a candid Instagram Q&A.

The bride told her followers she is currently in the process of having it removed but it can still be seen ever so slightly.

“So I got my tattoos when I was really, really young and then I decided to laser it off,” she told her followers in an Instagram story.

“It’s pretty light now, but if I’m doing a shoot or if I’m going to an event and I want to wear something that reveals my arms, I cover it up with makeup. But it’s almost gone, so that’s that.”

Evelyn’s tattoo was more prominent during her time on Channel 5’s Big Brother when she was 18 years old. Evelyn was in the Big Brother house with the likes of Lateysha Grace and Andrew Tate.

Speaking about her time on the show with Andrew, Evelyn said they “definitely don’t keep in contact now”.

“Andrew and I were in the [Big Brother] house briefly at the same time, and he left early,” she explained. “We stayed friends and when Andrew was in my life we were mates or whatever, he wasn’t Andrew Tate [that we know today]. It’s definitely my old life and I think his old life. It all kind of blew up out of nowhere.”

Evelyn is now in a relationship with Duncan James, who was on MAFS Australia with her but in a different relationship. The couple officially announced their relationship earlier this year and everyone, including their co-stars, were happy for them.

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