Bronte MAFS Australia 2023

Lavish events and beach days: Inside Bronte’s life since MAFS Australia

She is thriving!

Bronte proved herself to be a main character during Married at First Sight Australia season 10, largely due to her constant spats with her onscreen husband, Harrison. After going their separate ways after the experiment, Bronte has been getting on with her life and looking stunning while doing it.

The former bride has been getting ready to move and looks worlds apart from how she did on the series. Here’s everything Bronte has been up to since MAFS Australia 2023.

She cut her hair and switched up her look

When Bronte got access to her Instagram account after MAFS Australia 2023 finished airing, she revealed her brand new look to her followers.” They say hair holds onto energy & memories, so byeeee,” Bronte captioned her Instagram posted debuting her new look.

Bronte has remained close friends with Lyndall

After the experiment ended, Bronte revealed she had found a best friend in Lyndall in a sweet Instagram post.

“Besties at first sight. Swipe to see the real MAFS love story, the adventures of Bronte and Lyndall. Walked in hoping to find my one love, walked out with a new home slice🥺💕,” Bronte captioned the post.

They have since signed with the same talent agency and have been healing from their MAFS Australia journey together. Very wholesome!

She is constantly giving sun kissed energy

Before Bronte appeared on MAFS, her Instagram was full of her at the beach and despite it being winter over in Australia now, she still gives off that sun kissed glow. In all of her photos, Bronte is tanned to perfection and honestly I love that for her.

Bronte has been attending events left, right and centre

Bronte recently attended the launch of Chaviar, a caviar and champagne mobile bar in Perth. We certainly need one of those in the UK. She looked stunning alongside her MAFS Australia bestie Lyndall.

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