Ex-Islanders about Love Island 2023 cast

‘Scott deserves better’: What ex-Islanders have said about the Love Island 2023 cast

Liam Reardon called Catherine and Leah ‘clowns’

When it comes to Love Island, someone will always have something to say – especially those who have been on the show before. This year’s summer series is proving to be more dramatic than ever with fall outs left, right and centre in just the second week.

Since season 10 began airing, former Islanders have been sharing their thoughts on social media and of course on podcasts about this year’s crop of Islanders. From support of Molly to critiquing Tyrique, here’s everything ex-Islanders have said about the Love Island 2023 cast.

Danica Taylor

Danica Taylor spilled exactly what she thinks of this year’s Islanders in her reaction to movie night. Following the fallout of Scott versus Leah during a recent episode, Danica said she feels for Scott given she was in a similar position when she was in the villa.

“I still like Leah but the way she spoke to Scott. I feel so bad for Scott. I know more than anyone how it feels when people almost insinuate that people don’t want you and for them to actually voice that to Scott, so nasty. There were girls in there who definitely wanted Scott. Why wouldn’t they? He is so good looking,” Danica said in a TikTok video.


Liam Reardon

Former winner Liam Reardon has not held back on social media, calling out two Islanders in specific for their treatment of scott in the villa. Sharing a clip of the Movie Night teaser on his Instagram, Liam called both Catherine and Leah “clowns”.

“It’s mad. Imagine the boys laughing at one of the girls like that. Leah piping up saying sh*t she said, and Scott ends up apologising like he always has to. Catherine and Leah [are] clowns.”

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Anna Vakili

Speaking with her sister on their joint podcast, Anna said Sammy should have been kicked out of the villa, instead of Andrew a couple of weeks ago.

“I think that Sammy should have got kicked out,” Anna told her sister, looking shocked when Mandy said she was happy Sammy stayed in the villa.

“He’s good for TV, like he’s good for drama. I think he’s very sneaky. He played down the way he was with Leah so much with Jess, I don’t get it.”


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Summer Botwe


Former Casa Amor bombshell Summer Botwe has weighed in on the current Islanders, more specifically Tyrique. Revealing to Daily Star that she is friends with the footballer, and that he could go back to his “old ways”.

“Yeah, I’ve known Tyrique from before he went in the villa, on a friendly basis, we know a few of the same people. So, I’m supporting him all the way,” she said.

“He’s really cheeky and can get a little bit toxic, so I don’t know if he will do his typical Ty things in Casa Amor and go back to his old ways – it’s definitely a possibility but I do like him with Ella. And I do think he will make his way back to her whatever the outcome.”

Tasha Ghouri

Tasha Ghouri has been sharing all her thoughts about this season of Love Island on Twitter, and has revealed who she wants to win, although it may be a little shortlived.

“Catherine and Scott for the win,” she wrote in a tweet.


Georgia Steel


Season three Islander Georgia Steel has been a vocal supporter of Kady since she re-entered the villa.

“This series is so much fun. Since Kady’s gone in there, it’s really gone up a notch. I back my girl – I think she can win, we’ll see who with,” Georgia told Closer.

“Kady and I went into Love Island at the same age. She was about 20 and you don’t really know what guy is right for you. I think she’ll have a more narrow-minded idea of what she needs and hopefully she finds the right one.”

Indiyah Polack

Indiyah is on team Molly when it comes to the villa divide. The current love square going on between Molly, Mitchel, Zachariah and Catherine is something no viewer saw coming, especially in the first couple of weeks.

Speaking with RadioTimes, Indiyah said Molly isn’t to blame for all of the drama. “I don’t think Molly’s all to blame to be fair,” Indiyah said. “For me, they have a lot of sexual chemistry and flanter, but I feel like with them, it’s the fear of the unknown.”

Indiyah has also been sharing her thoughts about each episode on Twitter. During the shocking recoupling which saw Leah couple up with Tyrique after just one date, Indiyah shared her thoughts.

“Tyrique accidentally flirting his way into a new couple,” she wrote on Twitter with a crying emoji.

Olivia Hawkins

Olivia Hawkins was in the winter Love Island villa just six months ago, and she has a lot to say about this year’s cast. In her latest column for OK!, she also made it clear she was team Molly.

In her column, Olivia claimed Jess might be jealous of all the male attention Molly had been getting on Love Island, given that she hasn’t formed a strong connection in the villa.

“I think Molly and Jess will clash – probably more than once throughout their time in the villa,” she wrote.

“It could maybe be a jealousy thing from Jess’ point of view, as Molly is getting a lot of male attention, whereas Jess hasn’t really clicked with anyone.”

Olivia also said that Molly doesn’t deserve the “stick” she’s been getting from viewers and Islanders alike.

“At first I thought what she said about Molly being an actress and in theatre, I thought it was funny,” Olivia wrote, continuing: “But then I think Molly is just being genuine and trying to get to know people – which is what you’re in there to do.

“I think Molly is getting a lot of stick on Love Island at the moment, and I don’t think it’s fair. She’s doing the process – how it should be done – and she’s getting to know multiple people. There’s nothing wrong with that.

“It’s only day six. She felt that pressure from Mitchel – that conversation was so intense. Maybe she didn’t go about the Zachariah thing the right way, but I don’t think what Jess said about her being an actress and ‘loving the attention’ was very fair.”

While Olivia has made it clear she is still firmly on team Molly, she has called out Sammy for “playing a game”.

In another OK! column, the former Islander slammed the bombshell for his treatment of Leah.

“I think Sammy is playing a game in there. I felt so sorry for Leah in the recoupling when he said he was using her as a test, and he has just not really really taken accountability for it.

“I still do think he may be playing a bit of a game and I don’t think he actually likes Jess. He even said he’s not physically attracted to her – he said he liked brunettes when he came into the villa, but she’s blonde.”

Dami Hope

Dami has been a serial tweeter ever since the winter series and he has not held back about this year’s crop of Islanders.

Similarly to Indiyah, Dami is loving all the drama Tyrique is providing in the villa by simply just vibing. In one tweet, Dami wrote: “Tyrique is a naughty naughty boy but I love it.” Don’t we all?!

Dami also revealed which couple he was rooting for. “Ella and Tyrique are mad cute together man, think this may be my ship for real,” he wrote in one tweet.

The love of Tyrique didn’t stop and on day two Dami was singing his praises. “Tyrique is the rizz master of that villa,” he wrote.

Shaughna Phillips

Shaughna Phillips, who appeared on the first winter Love Island, has also been sharing her thoughts on Twitter. Like pretty much everyone who watches Love Island, Shaughna is obsessed with Whitney. In one tweet, she wrote: “Whitney is the most unproblematic Islander to ever exist. Just good vibes and giggles.”

Shaughna has also revealed whether she is Team Ouzy or Team Tyrique during Casa Amor. In a tweet, the former Islander wrote: “This is the happiest Ella has looked the entire series. Her and Ouzy are bloody cute together.”

Chloe Burrows

Shaughna isn’t the Islander who is loving Whitney being in the villa. Chloe Burrows, who often tweets her thoughts about the show each episode, is another one of the ex-Islanders who has had their say about the Love Island 2023 cast.

“Whitney is f***king jokes give her more air time,” she wrote in one tweet.

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