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Bronte reveals she made $100,000 on OnlyFans in her first three days on the site

‘Did it for the plot and here we are’

Married at First Sight Australia bride Bronte Schofield has revealed the truly eye-watering amount she has made on OnlyFans after becoming the first 2023 bride the join the adult platform.

The 28-year-old appeared on the experiment earlier this year and was matched with Harrison Boon. However, they eventually left the experiment and Bronte is living her best life.

Bronte has claimed she has made $100,000 in just three days of joining OnlyFans after appearing on MAFS Australia. “POV: You start an OF account for a lol and make $100,000 in three days,” she captioned a TikTok video.

“Did it for the plot and here we are,” she added. Bronte announced she was joining OnlyFans last week in a spicy Instagram post, writing: “You asked for it.” A queen!

Bronte isn’t the only MAFS Australia bride making bank on OnlyFans. 2022 bride Olivia Frazer revealed she made $30,000 in just one day on the site.

Speaking on the Back To Reality podcast Olivia revealed she earned $30,000 in just one day on OnlyFans. She explained she made the money after using an old image from a lingerie campaign as her first post.

“I made $30,000 in my first day without even posting anything, [just] and old blurry lingerie photo from 2016,” she explained. “I made about half a million between May and September, mind you I haven’t been taxed yet.”

Olivia has become one of Australia’s leading OnlyFans content creators. She once revealed she made $500,000 in her first four months of making content for the adult platform.

Bronte and Olivia aren’t the only MAFS Australia cast members who have joined the site, with Hayley Vernon, Ryan Gallagher and Jessika Power all making big money on the adult site.

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