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Andre Ruchee Love Island

People think André and Ruchee have started dating since being dumped from the villa

I need this to happen

Eagle-eyed Love Island viewers suspect dumped Islanders Ruchee and André may have rekindled their romance outside of the villa after a series of photos showed them looking loved up together.

The former OG Islanders were dumped from the villa a couple of weeks ago after attempting being a couple and then it not working out. Since leaving the show, they have been on podcasts and doing interviews together and more recently, spent the day together.

The pair shared a number of photos and videos to their Instagram stories at a restaurant, FaceTiming fans as well as doing shots with their other friends. While this seems harmless, there is one photo that is screaming their romance is back on. A picture shows the pair cuddled up next to each other, with the caption: “They should be on the island”.

Andre Ruchee Love Island

via Instagram @nayz100

In another Instagram story, Ruchee reposted a screenshot from a follower who she and André had called on FaceTime. The follower wrote: “Still can’t believe this happened. We love you so much Ruchee.”

Andre Ruchee Love Island

via Instagram @rucheewawo

Both André and Ruchee then shared a collage of photos of their day with their other friends and honestly, they need to pack it in and confirm they are dating.

via Instagram @rucheewawo

It’s giving double date!

via Instagram @dre.furtado

Ruchee previously said he “completely” supports André and Catherine getting to know each other. Not knowing he would soon be voted out of the villa. “You’ve got to do you at the end of the day,” she said.

Andre also told his Instagram followers he would wait for Catherine on the outside. But given her cracking on with Scott, it’s fair to assume he hasn’t gone down the path of waiting for two months.

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