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Evelyn Rupert MAFS Australia 2023

Evelyn says she had a ‘major breakdown’ after her wedding on MAFS Australia

‘How the hell am I going to try to get to know someone when I’m talking to a brick wall?’

Former Married at First Sight Australia bride Evelyn Ellis has said she had a breakdown after her wedding with Rupert during the experiment. Evelyn was matched with Rupert on MAFS Australia 2023 and viewers hid behind their pillows because of how cringe it was.

Rupert was so nervous he could hardly say his vows, which sent alarm bells ringing in Evelyn’s head. Speaking to Ollie Skelton on his new podcast, Evelyn said she had a “major breakdown” after the wedding, realising her love story with Rupert was going to be difficult.

via Nine Network Australia

“I actually had a major breakdown after my wedding,” she began. “I went, ‘Oh f**k this going to be harder than I thought’. I was not expecting our wedding to be that awkward. Like to struggle to even get a conversation out of him? There was a side to me that maybe thought I could meet someone that could potentially be the love of my life. Maybe that’s the daydreamer in me I don’t know.”

However Evelyn did acknowledge Rupert, saying she considers him as a “lifelong friend”, but it was after their wedding she realised she hadn’t met the love of her life.

“So when I quickly realised that was not the case, I kind of had a mini breakdown because I was like, ‘How the hell am I going to do this experiment and try to get to know someone when I’m talking to a brick wall?’ Evelyn added.

She continued: “Thank god we picked up and we really got to know each other and he let his guard down and held each other’s hand through it all and had a blast.”

Evelyn is now in a relationship with her co-star, Duncan James. The pair realised they had feelings for each other after spending time together once the show had stopped filming. Since then, the pair has been attending award shows, red carpet events and going on helicopter rides.

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