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People on TikTok are using tortilla wraps to sneak alcohol into festivals and it’s genius

My bank account is crying with happiness rn

People on TikTok are now using tortilla wraps to smuggle alcohol into festivals and it’s literally genius.

20-year-old student Tytus Chmielewski posted a video showing he fit a whole bottle of vodka, folded up inside a tortilla wrap so security at Opener festival would think it was his lunch.

The Polish festival saw Lizzo, Arctic Monkeys and Kendrick Lamar perform – and Tytus was able to save so much money by bringing in his own drink for every day of the four-day festival.

He believes he saved £100 with his hack, where the average price of a drink at the festival was £6.70 and tickets cost £184.

Tytus Chmielewski (via SWNS)

Tytus said: “I am a student and I don’t have much money. Every student wants to drink alcohol at that amazing festival, but not everyone has a money for that.

“It’s a four day festival, and if you want be a little drunk every day, you would have to spend a fortune.”

Along with his girlfriend Wiktoria, Tytus had the idea of smuggling in the alcohol because you were able to bring food into the festival.

“You can bring food to the festival, so my girlfriend, Wiktoria, 18, and I thought about using it somehow and smuggling alcohol there”, he said.

“It was impossible to detect it. Who would expect that there will be vodka in the tortilla?”


Festival tip #opener #festival #funny


Tytus also snuck alcohol in his shoes, and he estimates they saved £100 all in all.

He said: “We did that every day. I also brought alcohol in my shoes, which allowed us to save a lot of money. During the entire festival we spared about £100. For two young students that is so much money.”


Odpowiadanie użytkownikowi @TytusChmielewski the best festival life hack #festival #opener #lifehack #tips

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Brb, stocking up on endless packs of tortillas to get ready for festi season.

Featured image via SWNS

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