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Love Island 2023 Scott

‘He defends himself’: Dumped Islanders spill about the feud between the villa and Scott

‘He bites back when he gets a joke taken out of him’

Love Island 2023 viewers have never been more confused than they are now when it comes to Scott and why the rest of the villa don’t seem to like him. Ever since Scott joined the show, he has been met with game player accusations by the Islanders and in the latest turn of events he has been called undesirable by some of the other Islanders. Why? No one seems to know!

While there have only been a few Islanders who have since been dumped but overlapped with Scott, some of them have given some clarity as to why no one seems to vibe with the bombshell. Well, even some of them aren’t too sure.

Here’s everything dumped Islanders have said about the rumoured feud between Scott and what seems to be the rest of the Love Island 2023 villa.


Mal has said the most about Scott since leaving the villa and during a TikTok live she gave an insight as to why some of the other Islanders may not gel with him as much.

“I don’t know why but I would say he just bites when he gets a joke taken out of him. He’s quite a biter, but that’s it. I wasn’t there, guys I don’t know.”


Speaking with Heat Mag, Mehdi said he was “close” with Scott, saying he was fairly quiet in the villa. When asked about Scott’s feelings towards Catherine, Mehdi said: “People questioned Scott’s feelings, I think they were real but the fact that he expressed himself at the fire pit at this point he shot himself in the foot because he couldn’t do anything at Casa Amor because it’d be an Uno reverse card.”


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Casa Amor bombshell Gabby said Scott is a “nice boy” and she got along “really well” with him in the villa, something a lot of dumped Islanders have also said.

Answering a question about Scott on TikTok, Gabby said she has “nothing bad to say about Scott”. “We got along really well in there and he’s just a nice boy,” she explained.

“I don’t know what has happened to be honest. It didn’t seem like there was anything like there was no beef going on in Casa. I didn’t think anyways. I really like Scott, he’s a really nice boy and I’ve got nothing bad to say about him. I don’t know what’s happened.”


Zachary, who spent a fair bit of time with the girls in Casa Amor, says he doesn’t think anything has gone on behind the scenes. When asked by a follower if anything happened between the villa and Scott that went unaired, he said: “Not that I know of”.


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Well I guess we’ll never really know until Scott tells us himself!

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