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Adam Collard says the boys called out Luca for his treatment of Tasha on Love Island

‘He took it upon himself to try and wind her up’

Two-time Love Island bombshell Adam Collard has revealed that he and the other boys in the Love Island 2022 villa pulled Luca up on the way he treated Tasha while in the villa.

Luca received a lot of backlash for his treatment of Tasha on Love Island, something he later apologised for in and outside of the villa. Adam Collard, who was in the villa with Luca and Tasha for a brief period, has said Luca “took it upon himself” to call out Tasha when she got to know other people in the villa.

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“Luca was pretty heavy with Tasha and we actually pulled him up on it and I don’t know if that got shown. He was the classic lad who was top of the friendship group and he took it personally that she wasn’t 100 per cent for Andrew,” Adam said on a podcast.

Following his departure from the villa, Luca addressed the bullying claims he faced in the villa. Speaking with Grazia, Luca said he had watched the show back since leaving the villa and was realised he was “wrong”. Luca has admitted he took it “too far” when he was in the villa and apologised for Tasha for his behaviour towards her. “I’m glad it hasn’t affected our friendship,” he said.


Continuing about Luca’s antics in the villa, Adam said: “Luca took it upon himself, which was wrong, to be like, ‘Well if Andrew you’re not going to say anything to Tasha. I’m going to say it for you.’ He did it in a far too strong of an approach. He took it upon himself to try and wind her up and it came across as bullying and it probably borderline was at times.”

When it came to Casa Amor and Tasha was upset about Coco and Andrew, Luca didn’t think it was fair given Tasha had got to know people.

“When Andrew got with Coco it was like World War Three. I think Luca was like, ‘Well hold on you’ve had like four in a row’. He definitely didn’t handle it in the right way,” Adam explained.


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