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Olivia Frazer plans to move to Scotland because of the hate from MAFS Australia viewers

‘It’s easier to move on whereas in Australia people hold you to your edit forever’

Married at First Sight Australia bride Olivia Frazer is planning to relocate to Scotland following all the hate she has received since appearing on the show.

Olivia appeared on the experiment in 2022 and was matched with Jackson Lonie. While the pair tried to make a relationship work on the outside, they eventually broke up.

The former bride revealed to Yahoo that MAFS Australia is partly the reason she chose to move to Scotland.

“There’s a lot more work opportunities and the people are more forgiving,” she said. “It’s easier to move on whereas in Australia people hold you to your edit forever.”

Olivia has been relentlessly trolled by viewers ever since he appearance on the marital experiment and has told her followers she will go back to Australia to bring her dog over and collect all her things.

“I will head back to Australia to gather my belongings and organise Stella to come over here,” she wrote. “But Australia is just not home.”

However, Olivia seems to have backtracked ever so slightly saying she hasn’t “officially” moved to Scotland yet. While waiting for a flight, Olivia told her followers: “Just clearing something up.”I haven’t officially moved yet. I have every intention of moving here but there’s still a lot to work out (like where to move, getting Stella here) etc.”

Olivia previously lived in the UK for four years, however she returned to Australia to care for her late father who had cancer at the time.

“I don’t think there was ever really a discussion, it was just as a family unit it was what needed to be done,” she previously explained.

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