Jess and Sammy have been crowned the winners of Love Island 2023!

I can’t cope, they’re so cute!

Jess and Sammy have been crowned the winners of Love Island 2023! The couple recently made their relationship official and have won the £50,000 cash prize.

Jess and Sammy met after her entered the show as a bombshell on day four. Despite his head turning many, many times – he has proved himself and they are focusing on their future together.

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Just 10 days ago Sammy asked Jess to be his girlfriend in a truly wholesome moment. The couple enjoyed time in the villa’s Hideaway and Sammy simply couldn’t contain his excitement.

After making a toast to Jess, Sammy said: “Cheers to our ridiculous rollercoaster of a journey coming through stronger each time and making it to the Hideaway.”

Following their night together, the rest of the villa helped Sammy pop the question. Sammy admitted Jess has “always been on my mind” and he then asked her to be his girlfriend, to which she accepted.

Despite Jess’s family’s initial worries about Sammy, it seems all is in the past as the public has rallied behind them.

Jess’s mother told OK! Magazine: “We’re all warming to him as time goes on. I had my reservations but I really do believe he likes her – you can tell by his face when she’s not in the room.”

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