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Ex-Islanders reactions Love Island 2023

‘Who is controlling the votes?’: Ex-Islanders react to the Love Island 2023 final

While some were happy for the winning couple, not everyone could say the same

A flurry of ex-Islanders have shared their reactions to the Love Island 2023 final, which saw Jess and Sammy crowned the winners. While some people were overjoyed with the results, not everyone could say the same, especially those were once in the same position as the winners.

From Islanders from previous seasons to those dumped only weeks ago, here’s a rundown of what every ex-Islander has had to say about the Love Island 2023 final.

Andre Furtado

Andre was only in the villa for a matter of weeks, but he did have a journey like the rest of the Islanders. He was live tweeting during the final, sharing his thoughts about his co-stars, and shared a sentiment a lot of viewers held when Jess and Sammy were announced as the winners.

“QUEE? Ye. Who is controlling the voting monitor? I need to chat to you,” he tweeted once the winners were announced. However, he did later congratulate them in the comment section of Love Island’s Instagram post.

Yewande Biala

2019 Islander Yewande Biala summed up her thoughts quite simply in a tweet. When Jess and Sammy were crowned the winners, Yewande wrote: “Lol what?”

Toby Aromolaran

Toby was a fierce supporter of Tyrique while he was in the villa, and he backed him all the way to the final. When Tyrique came in third place, alongside Ella, he wrote: “Oh damnnnnn”.


Catherine Agbaje

Catherine was in the villa from the very start before she was dumped from the Island via a public vote. The former Islander was sharing her reactions to the final on her Instagram story, congratulating her friends.

“I’m so happy for Jess and Sammy,” she wrote in an Instagram story. She later posted a photo of her with Whitney, Jess and Ella from their time in the villa and said: “So so so proud of my girls. Can’t wait to see you all.”

Ella Barnes

Ella B shared her well wishes for Jess and Sammy in a sweet post to her Instagram story. She wrote: “So happy! This was well deserved! My best friend in the villa!!”

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