Lyndall after MAFS Australia

Lyndall says she feels ‘lonely and flat’ following her time on MAFS Australia

‘I’ve never felt so lost and incapable and purposeless before’

Former Married at First Sight Australia bride Lyndall Grace has opened up about her life since appearing on the marital experiment, which aired earlier this year.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Lyndall spoke candidly about feeling lost after MAFS Australia, questioning if appearing on the show was “worth it” given she didn’t find love.

“I feel like I’ve been in limbo for months. I had this wild experience that made me feel every emotion you can think of, and I think, ‘Was it worth it?'” she wrote on her Instagram story.

“But I don’t know, and there’s so much pressure to ‘do something’ and people always ask what the plan is, but I didn’t make a plan?”

The former bride went on to say she went on the show find “love, adventure and hopefully some good press for a cause I care about,” in reference to cystic fibrosis.

“Have I failed? What if all that pain and heartbreak and therapy and healing and blowing up my life didn’t make any difference?” she added.

“Because I certainly didn’t get romantic love from it. I got community love, and friendship love, so why do I feel like no one gives a sh*t?”

Lyndall was paired with Cameron Woods on this year’s season and towards the end of the experiment, their relationship took a turn for the worst and she eventually dumped him during their final vows.

She continued on her Instagram: “Why do I feel lonely and sad and flat and like I have nowhere to go from here? How do I even start to rebuild that? How do I get out of this rut? I’ve never felt so lost and incapable and purposeless before.”

Lyndall formed some close friendships on the show, including with Bronte and Alyssa. After the end of MAFS Australia, Lyndall went back to her day job.

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