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Mitch claps back at Kady’s game player claims during a messy Instagram live

In another live, Zach called Kady a ‘retired pocket rocket’

Mitch has hit back at Kady’s claims of him admitting to playing a game in the Love Island villa during a messy Instagram live. Kady previously claimed Mitchel told her he had studied every season of Love Island as he wanted to be a “memorable” character in the villa.

However, Mitch has since said that isn’t true and he hadn’t watched an episode of the show prior to taking part in the reality TV programme. Yikes!

Mitchel joined an Instagram live with Leah and Kady and at one point, the two-time bombshell asked: “What have I done? Because I answered questions that were asked to me? I don’t get it.”

Mitch responded: “Literally that. It’s alright, wait for my podcasts and then I’ll return the smoke.”

Kady went on to say she hadn’t done anything wrong and didn’t “get” Mitch’s point. “You have. You said you need to keep me at arms reach, [you said] I’m a super fan. I’ve never watched a series in my life. I didn’t even know who you were when you came in. That was out of order,” he hit back.

Kady then said there is nothing wrong with that and backtracked on her initial comments, saying she was told by someone else Mitch had applied to several seasons prior to this one.

“Someone who works on Love Island said that but I don’t care Mitch. You know I don’t give a sh*t. I think you’re great, I think you were the best character on the f**king show. I like you so it’s not that deep,” Kady added.

Mitch continued: “It’s fine. Kady, I thought you were great. But seriously, I will respond to podcasts too.”

Leah then piped up and said during a podcast everyone will get asked the same kind of questions and that’s what they’re there for.

“Trust me there was a lot I had to cut. It’s not even that I don’t like anyone, I actually love everyone,” Kady added before they began talking about the event they were heading to.

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