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Everything you need to know before you start at Glasgow Uni

A rundown of everything freshers should be aware of before the beginning of semester

For a start, congratuations! As an incoming student to the University of Glasgow, you will be going to The Times’ Higher Education University of the year (2020), the 82nd best university in the entire globe and you’ll also be attending the the most fun university in the UK!

Whether you’re from Glasgow, or coming to Glasgow from somewhere else across the world, there are some things you should most definately be aware of before you start uni this September.

Registering for classes and enrolment

On August 9th, enrolment will be open to students which essentially means that you will be able to choose which subjects you do this year, as well as organise your timetable and sort your class times.

For a university as prestigious as Glasgow, you would think enrolling to your course would be simple, but we hate to tell you that it is probably the most difficult thing you’ll do in first year.

Take a look at this guide if you’re needing a hand with it.

Freshers’ Wristbands

If you miss out on the chance of buying a Freshers’ Week wristband then it’s not the end of the world as there are equally as fun things to do in and around the uni.

Last year, gigs at Queen Margeret Union (QMU) and Glasgow University Union (GUU) included the likes of Scouting for Girls and Vengaboys.

We highly recommend going to Freshers’ Faires during the day in Freshers’ Week. This is a great chance to get yourself involved in societies, clubs and general social networks. Regardless of your interests, there’ll be something for you and we’d advise that you get involved!

We’d also recommend that during Freshers’ Week, you have a walk around the campus and get familiar with the grounds. This will come in handy when it comes to finding your way around campus.

Although if you are ever lost, on your UofG app you can search buildings and rooms and it’ll tell you where to go. Make sure to download this app before you start.

Lidl is your best friend

Although if you are ever lost, on your UofG app you can search buildings and rooms and it’ll tell you where to go. Make sure to download this app before you start.

Lidl is your best friend

So, we recommend that you stick to shopping in the cheaper supermarkets. Alternatively, if you just love your free Waitrose coffee, don’t hold back but also don’t be surprised if people start throwing the odd insult at you.

Lidl has introduced electronic shelf labels in 30 of its UK stores

You may begin to realise that buying frozen foods, ready meals and quick make products is very expensive which means that cooking is a great way to save money. Yes – you will have some howlers – but it is a great life skill and is something you will improve on rapidly if you persevere! Take a look at some quick and easy recipes you can make at home for when you move out!

HIVE is the place to be on a Thursday

Having your pres at beer bar, then going through to HIVE on a Thursday night is arguably the peak of freshers life. With a renovation, new lighting and sound systems put in place recently, it is still the number one spot for freshers year in year out!

As this sad little boy is seen doing here, he has made the most of GUU’s infamous “pints of fun” by buying two at once. He has also stole a strangers golf hat. Highly recommend.

The library during exam period

Truthfully, the library is a bunfight when it comes to exam time. There are limited spaces at the time of year so our advice is to get there as early as possible. You’ll also see that there is a quiet zone in the James McCune Smith Learning Hub (JMS) on floor five, and you can also book a study room via the UofG app by selecting the “Book a Space” tab on the Home page.

You’re not alone!

Despite the fact that starting university is undoubtedly a terriying experience as you could be going somewhere you’ve never been before and you don’t know anyone, it is likely that many other people are in the exact same position as you.

We encourage you to get involved with as many clubs, societies and extra-curricular opportunities as possible. The more people you meet, the more friends you’ll make and you’ll find life a lot easier.