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Love Island quit fame

All the Love Island contestants who quit fame after taking part in the show

There’s more than you may think

Appearing on Love Island may seem like a golden ticket into fame, but that isn’t always the case for a lot of people to take part on the show. If you can believe it, some people genuinely try and find love and when that doesn’t work out they go back to their lives as it was before the show.

There are a number of people who went on Love Island and even made it all the way to the final but quit the life of influencing and reality TV and just went back to their jobs and carried on with their normal lives without cameras following them around all the time. So who are they? While some have quit fame to pursue other career paths, others have quite influencing altogether and are just minding their own business.

Here are all the Love Island contestants who quit fame after appearing on the show.

Lauren Richardson

Lauren Richardson appeared on the first season of Love Island and even came in third place, however she has taken a step back from the limelight and now works as a PE teacher.

Lauren kept a low profile on social media for years but in nowadays she posts health and wellness tips and shows off her progress at the gym. Lauren has 79,500 followers on Instagram and seems to be having an all round good time. It doesn’t seem she has a partner at the moment either.

Maxwell Samuda

Maxwell was on winter Love Island 2023 and coupled up with Olivia Hawkins during Casa Amor. Since appearing on the show, Maxwell has revealed he won’t be pursuing a famous career and instead he’s going to pursue a career in finance.

Maxwell studied finance at university and revealed to Johnny Seifert he has a job lined up.

Maxwell studied finance at university and revealed to Johnny Seifert he has a job lined up.

“I worked too hard throughout my undergrad and my masters to say that I’m going to have nothing to do with that now. But then I have an opportunity with like the show and social media, there’s a small bit of influence if there’s things that I want to create, it makes it a bit more easier to do that now.

“I got an offer for a graduate job the day that I went to go on Love Island that I accepted so I will still be doing that later in the year.”

Maxwell still attends events here and there but it seems he is putting his focus into his upcoming career change.

Liam Llewellyn

Liam appeared on the 2022 series of Love Island and entered the villa as an OG Islander, however he chose to quit the show early on. Since leaving the villa, Liam hasn’t really pursued the whole influencer life his co-stars have.

Talking about his exit from the show, Liam said: “Whilst in the villa I was overthinking everything massively and couldn’t really relax, which resulted in me not feeling like myself, and I didn’t want to be in the villa if I couldn’t offer 100 per cent. I waited to see if that would change, but in the end it just got worse, so I acted on it.”

Liam has remained fairly quiet on social media and although he has 304,000 followers, he just seems to be cracking on with normal stuff like hanging out with his mates and going on nights out.

Georgia Townend

Weeks after the end of Love Island season seven, Georgia Townend quit fame and returned to her day job in marketing at Lidl.

She addressed the change on her Instagram and said: “My degree was in food and nutrition so that is my passion project, that’s always been my area of expertise. During my degree, I did a placement year and I worked in food manufacturing, which I really enjoyed, but I knew when I graduated I wanted to move retail side because for me, the joy comes out of bringing end product to customer.

“I joined Lidl on the graduate scheme about six years ago. Obviously, I’m not on the graduate scheme anymore, I’m a fully-fledged employee and my role is in a marketing function.”

While Georgia still keeps her followers up to date with her life on Instagram, she hasn’t gone down the influencer route like most of her co-stars. She also makes hilarious venn diagrams on Twitter.

Afia Tonkmor

Afia is another Love Island contestant who has seemingly quit fame since the show. She entered the Love Island villa alongside Ekin-Su in 2022 and it’s been radio silence from her since then. Afia did a few interviews after being dumped from the villa and attended the live final watch party and that was about it.

She went travelling shortly after the show and in September 2022 was in Thailand. Afia doesn’t post loads on her Instagram but when she does she is still looking as stunning as ever.

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