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Alabama Montgomery boat brawl

It’s taking over your feeds, so here’s how the viral Alabama riverboat brawl began

Someone dived into the water to escape

A video of a massive fight that broke out at a riverfront in Alabama has been going viral on social media, leaving everyone desperate to know how it all began.

The video of the brawl happened in Montgomery, Alabama and it saw people from different boats get involved, people being pushed into the water and new angles of the video seem to be posted every day.

The video has become so viral, someone has made a song out of it and of course memes are flying around left, right and centre. So how did it all start? Here’s everything we know about the Montgomery brawl.

How did the Alabama Montgomery boat brawl start?

Several videos have provided context as to what happened during the brawl. It seems the fight started because of an argument between boaters and an employee working on the dock.

It has been reported the brawl began when a pontoon boat prevented a larger river boat from docking. A Black riverboat worked objected and was then attacked by a group of white men.

Montgomery Police Department Chief Darryl Albert said: “As the Hariott attempted to dock in its designated space, designated and reserved due to the gangway access as well as the mooring requirements, the private boat docked in its space, prohibiting safe docking.”

The fight escalated when a group of six Black men from the riverboat confronted the white men and a massive brawl broke out. The police then arrived and handcuffed those who were in the fight.

Police have only confirmed there was a disturbance around 7pm on Saturday evening and it is then they came across the fight and intervened.

Montgomery Mayor Steven L. Reed confirmed that policed detained “several reckless individuals for attacking a man who was doing his job” and that the police will be investigating the “intolerable actions”.

The video shows several people fighting, people being pushed into the water and other jumping off of other boats and getting involved. In one video, you can see folding chairs being used by people as if it was a wrestling match.

What has happened since the Alabama Montgomery brawl?

NBC station WSFA of Montgomery reported that four arrest warrants have been issued in connection with the altercation and “there’s a possibility more will follow after the review of additional video”.

In a police press conference, detectives confirmed that three people were issued warrants for third degree assault. Police are hoping to speak to the individual who has been alleged to be seen with the folding chair.

The Montgomery Police Chief said the police are consulting with the local branch of the FBI, state police and the Montgomery District Attorney’s Office following the incident.

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