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Shady digs and chaos: Every messy moment in Mitch’s podcast appearances since Love Island

There’s never been an agent of chaos like Mitch

Ever since Mitch was dumped from Love Island, he has continued his messy ways and even more so now the show is over. Mitch is proving himself to be one of the most memorable Islanders of 2023 and that’s saying something given we’ve had two seasons of Love Island this year.

Whether you really like Mitch or he wasn’t the Islander for you, there’s no doubt he was pure comedy and he has continued to provide the laughs. Since Love Island finished, Mitch has been on countless podcasts and the drama has been messy, but would we expect anything less?

The amount of drama Mitch has caused from his post Love Island podcast appearances has been next to none, so it’s only fair we round them all up? Here’s every incredibly messy moment from Love Island 2023’s Mitch and his various podcast interviews.

Kady versus Mitch

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This week has been filled with the ongoing drama between Mitch and Kady. It all began the week before when Kady claimed Mitch was a Love Island super fan and studied every series and applied for the show four times before. Mitch wasn’t best pleased with this and went in on Kady during an interview with On Demand Entertainment.

While Kady was in the villa, it was reported that she had a secret boyfriend waiting for her on the outside and Mitch claimed the rumours were all true.

“You’re calling me and Ella B fake, you came in with a boyfriend. You have a boyfriend to this day,” he said in an interview.

He went on to claim the other girls in the villa said Kady was wearing a bracelet belonging to her “boyfriend” the entire time she was on Love Island. “Your boyfriend was at your house whilst you were there and you’re calling me fake.”

Kady has since denied these claims, calling them “categorically false”. “The narrative that is circulating that I had a boyfriend whilst in the Love Island villa is categorically FALSE. My mum stayed at mine whilst I was in the villa to look after my dog and house,” she said in an Instagram story.

Mitch and Ella B claimed a lot more happened between Scott and Abi

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Scott and Abi and Mitch and Ella B seemed to bicker almost every episode and although some things were squashed between the couples, it wasn’t the case during the reunion. During the reunion episode, Abi said she got “gaslit by a gas engineer”, but Mitch didn’t respond.

Mitch and Ella B later did a video with Heat, the couple was asked who was most likely to get intimate under the duvet. Ella B said: “This is going to be one people won’t expect but Scott and Abi”, before the swiftly moved on.

Mitch admitted that Catherine and Scott’s relationship was ‘sabotaged’

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During his appearance on On Demand Entertainment, Mitch was asked by the host if he thought Scott and Catherine’s relationship was “sabotaged” in the villa, to which he agreed.

“I think Scott will say something in passing as banter and in defence of Scott some of the lads, including me, would grab on to that and go, ‘No that’s not right’,” he explained. “That’s why we started thinking he’s playing a game and he’s playing Catherine.”

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