Montel claims *this* photo is why he and Leah split up after the show

Leah apparently wasn’t happy with it

After rumours of cheating spread across social media, Montel has set the record straight (with receipts) as to why he and Leah decided to remain friends following their time on Love Island.

Montel and Leah were in a couple for quite some time on Love Island however their relationship took a hit after it was revealed Montel had a strong connection with Casa Amor bombshell, Tink. While he did remain single and recouple with Leah, she admitted that “what happened at Casa Amor” played a part in their eventual split outside of the show.

Since Love Island ended, Leah has hinted that there was another betrayal that went on. In response to a TikTok comment about Leah and Montel’s split, she wrote: “Yes I forgave once in the villa and was ready to move on from it but I don’t forgive twice.” Yikes!

This led many people to assume that Montel had been “cheating” on Leah after Love Island, despite them not being in a relationship, but he has been quick to shut down the rumours and reveal why they actually went separate ways.

In a TikTok video, Montel set the record straight about what happened between him and Leah and why they split up.

“I’ve seen my name circulating in the media a bit, a bit of bad press, a bit of rumours being spread. I thought I’d come here and address everything. First of all, they are just rumours,” he began.

Montel said he would never and has never cheated on Leah. “I would never do that,” he added.

Montel explained that he and some of the Islanders from his season all went to an event which had Islanders from his season and seasons before, and Leah was in Manchester at the time.

“Obviously after what happened in Casa, the pictures came out and Leah wasn’t happy with the position of the pictures where people were posted.”

The picture in question is of him, Andre, Elom, Kodie, Gabby and Tink. In the photo, Tink and Gabby are crouched down and Tink is in front of Montel.

Montel continued: “She [Leah] wasn’t happy with how people were positioned in the picture, she said it made her feel a type of way, she was unhappy, it made her feel stupid which I do understand.”

“I get it. For me I was just out having a good time, we took a picture, I was with my boys and we were all just chilling and we moved on with the night. Anyone who was at the event can confirm nothing happened. I didn’t do anything, didn’t sleep with anyone, wasn’t DMing anyone. I just wanted to be with her at the time.”

Leah hasn’t spoken publicly about the split with Montel since her TikTok comment and looks like now it has all been put to bed.

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