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Mitch quit Love Island

Mitch admits he wanted to quit Love Island after realising no one wanted to ‘get to know’ him

He said the girls had the ick

Love Island’s Mitchel Taylor has admitted he wanted to leave the show after no one wanted to couple up with him due to his portrayal.

The Islander has been dubbed as Messy Mitch since leaving the villa, but it wasn’t all chaos and drama for him while on the show.

During an appearance on Bambino Becky’s YouTube channel, Mitch revealed he was prepared to quit Love Island: “It got to a point where I got to a certain day and I took my mic off, got in the pool and said to Zach, ‘I am prepared to go home soon’.”

Mitch was initially in a couple with Molly but their relationship eventually ended when she wanted to get to know Zach. Viewers saw Mitch tell Molly he never wanted to speak to her again and actively talk about her to Jess while next to her. The former Islander reckons this led to bombshells not wanting to get to know him.

“Obviously me and Molly had something for about four days and after that we have been good mates,” he explained. “But after that and how I moved and how I got portrayed, girls had the ick when they came in. So girls were like, ‘No I don’t want to get to know Mitch’.”

Mitch told Becky that he was “100 per cent” on the “backfoot” and admitted he would’ve quit Love Island.

“I could have certainly gone home that day,” he admitted. “Every time I got to the dumping when it was like least favourite and the bottom three, I was like, ‘Why am I not in that?’. So it was a build up of every night. Because bear in mind for the first week I friend-zoned every girl but Molly, I am fighting a losing battle.”

Mitch eventually found a connection with Ella B and the pair were dumped from the villa together and are still coupled up on the outside.

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