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Ollie Tahnee

Ollie says Tahnee was ‘ostracised’ by her Married at First Sight Australia co-stars

‘If you think I’m talking about you, I’m talking about you’

Married at First Sight Australia groom Ollie Skelton has gone in on some of his co-stars, dubbing them as “inauthentic” and “two-faced”, yet hasn’t revealed who he is talking about.

During an episode of his TOSSER podcast, Ollie revealed that Tahnee felt “ostracised” by her co-stars after the series aired to audiences.

Ollie claims there was a “pattern of behaviour” where exclusion was “done in shadow play”. “There’s nothing overt in the isolation of someone,” he explained, saying that the “worst form of isolation” is when you “don’t know where you stand with a person”.

The former groom revealed that the friendships between the MAFS Australia 2023 cast are constantly changing and it became hard to remember “who was off who”.

Ollie then weighed in on the current drama between some of the brides and Melinda, saying he wasn’t surprised that “isolation was felt on a certain side”, having seen it happen to Tahnee.

“One thing I hate the most is when someone’s nothing but nice to your face, but [not behind your back], he continued.

“Being inauthentic and two-faced and playing both sides sh*ts me the most. It’s all well and good if you don’t like someone to [tell them], ‘I don’t like you’. But to make it seem like everything is okay [but it isn’t], it sh*ts me.”

The former groom then concluded his rant by saying: “If you think I’m talking about you, I’m talking about you.”

Erm, I need to know who NOW.

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