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A-level results annoying things

From TikToks to tears: It’s not A-level Results Day unless these 31 things happened

It’s not Results Day unless someone cries

A-level Results Day is literally the most important day of the year for everyone who aspires to go to uni. It’s the product of two years of absolute hell and unfortunately, no amount of alcohol or parental words of encouragement can save you. But what really makes this day absolutely unbearable are the painful formalities and one liners we have to endure as we try to survive the day’s proceedings. They make a horrific day worse and nobody appreciates them. Inflicted by parents, teachers, siblings and friends – here are all the most annoying things to be told on A-level Results Day.

All the annoying things bound to happen on A-level Results Day

1. Someone will say ‘As long as you tried your best, that’s all we could have asked’

What kind of back handed comment is this? You can clearly see I missed my grades and I’m crying on the phone to Clearing.

2. Your parents will cry

It’s either going to be a stress cry or a proud cry – either one will send you over the edge.

3. All of your extended family will try to call you

I appreciate the love guys – but leave me alone. I’ve had my head in a book for two years, let me scroll on TikTok guilt and phone call free.

4. Someone will post an embarrassing essay on Facebook

And by someone, I mean your mum. All of her mates will comment and congratulate you and she’ll call you rude for not replying to each one individually.

5. You find out someone you hate got into the same uni as you

A-level results annoying things

Just when you thought you could escape your past.

6. The girl who complained was behind got two A’s and an A*

Of course she did.

7. Plus, your mate who copied your coursework does better than you

A-level results annoying things

A-level results annoying things

Relieved doesn’t even come close to cutting it. I finally have my life back.

9. Or if you didn’t get what you expected, you’ll get ‘It’s not the end of the world’

They might be right, but it doesn’t feel that way. This isn’t helpful advice for anyone and is possibly the most annoying A-level results day hurdle.

10. Someone will bring their whole family and dog with them

This isn’t a day out. Now someone’s poodle is licking my leg.

11. You’ll get told off for being on your phone all day

The memes are too good to miss, let me LOL in peace.

12. Your classmate’s sibling starts crying

Again, this is not a nursery. Your two-year-old brother does not care that you got a U.

13. Your mum gets emotional telling your teachers how proud she is

It’s always the awkward silent cry. Snuffle it up, Karen.

14. Someone makes a TikTok when you’re opening your envelope


always expect the unexpected i guess?! #slayed #intelligentqueen #resultsday2023 #alevels2023

♬ original sound – amalie

The iPad kids have reached adulthood.

15. Facebook is a no-go zone in general

Not that anyone uses it anyway, but the only things you’ll find on there today are braggy posts and well done messages. Actually, ignore all social media.

16. Twitter pops off

Only Twitter is good vibes. You make loads of new mates by sharing your trauma stories and you heal your sadness with a few memes.

17. You forget to eat

The heightened state of emotions leaves you starving, but full at the same time. The anxiety of the day turns into adrenaline when you’re either fighting for your life through clearing, or penning a hello message in your uni group chats.

18. Your dad yells

You wont tell him what you want to eat and you’re talking too fast. He’s just pissed off.

19. Your mum yells

You keep forgetting to reply to her friends’ well done messages.

20. You cry

Usually in the order above.

21. You escape the madness with a made up excuse

A-level results annoying things

“Katie is just ringing me, she didn’t get in and I need to cheer her up”.

22. You get a family group photo

Preferably one with you and your envelope, but any where you aren’t crying make the cut.

23. It gets sent into the family WhatsApp group

More people to thank and reply to.

24. You embarrass yourself in the uni Facebook chat someone set up

You know you need to be friendly. You immediately regret it.

25. You’ll buy wristbands to a Results Day event with your mates

It might be one of the last times you’re all together again.

26. All the Ubers everywhere are booked and town is packed

Everyone and their nan is out. You realise you should have stayed in with a pizza.

27. You get to the club and everyone’s sober and screaming Tom Zanetti

Not the Results Day vibe. Spoons it is instead.

28. You see everyone you know and the night consists of telling everyone where you’re off to uni

You leave with the promise to find three random names people gave you who are going to your uni too.

29. You wake up everyone when you get in

They can’t be mad at you, this is your day.

30. You didn’t get a ‘congrats!’ text from your link

Who cares about them anyway? Onto bigger and better things.

31. You’ll find your uni social media pages and follow The Tab on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok

Because they’re the best places to find student news and gossip, trust me.

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