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Molly Marsh Love Island feud

Molly addresses the ongoing ‘feud’ between her and the Love Island girls

Molly said she ‘expected’ to not be added to the group chat with Jess, Ella, Whitney and Catherine

Molly Marsh has addressed the ongoing feud rumours between herself and the other Love Island finalists. Molly came in fourth place alongside Zachariah Noble and ever since they left the villa, they have faced snub and feud rumours between their fellow cast members.

While Molly was still in the villa, Kady McDermott made a comment that sparked a number of rumours online regarding Molly not speaking to the other girls in the villa when they weren’t filming, often choosing to sit by herself.

Since then, it has been revealed Jess, Ella, Whitney and Catherine all formed a close bond inside and outside of the show and even have a group chat together, that Molly is not in.

During an appearance on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Molly was asked by the host if she felt a type of way that she wasn’t involved in their group.

Molly responded: “No I kind of expected that. I expected that. It is what it is. I’m the kind of person that has groupchats on mute anyway so it’s probably best that I’m not there. I expected that.”

Shocked by what Molly had said, the host asked again: “So you’re not bothered that Jess, Ella, Catherine and Whitney are all BFFs and you don’t feel left out?” to which the former Islander simply said: “No.”

A clip of the podcast was posted on TikTok, and many users didn’t seem to understand the host’s line of questioning. “I’m so confused they weren’t close in the villa. What’s the big issue?” one user penned in the comments.

Molly has been doing her own thing with Zach since the show and is currently on holiday in the USA with her family, leaving all the drama behind her.

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