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Zachariah admits he initially went on Love Island ‘trying to play a game’

His plan changed when he got to know Molly

Zachariah Noble has admitted he first went onto Love Island with a game plan, having watched the show before.

Zach came in fourth place alongside Molly Marsh on Love Island 2023, and the pair are still together, despite a moment of them being apart when Molly was dumped from the Island.

Speaking on FUBAR Radio’s Access All Areas, he said: “The way I have watched Love Island before, I definitely had some sort of game plans and some preconceived ideas of how the people in there were going to be. So I’d gone in there trying to play a game.”

However, when he met Molly he realised he didn’t need to play game and couldn’t believe he found someone he could connect with.

via ITV

“I felt like I was only going to be in there a couple of weeks as well. That was my mindset,” he continued.

“With me and Molly [Marsh], something just happened and after our first conversation I was like you know what? I need to see how this can go. It’s just worked out really well. I can’t believe it myself right now.”

A number of Love Islanders from this year’s show have faced game player accusations whilst on the series from their fellow Islanders. Scott, who is now on Love Island USA, was called a game player by his Islanders inside the villa – something he always denied.

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