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You have a high IQ if you find the word ‘play’ in this optical illusion in 13 seconds

My brain physically can’t take another one

Somehow, there’s yet another viral optical illusion doing the rounds and taunting everyone again. We’ve had padlock riddles, maths equations and even the most recent optical illusion image where most of us discovered we definitely do not have 20/20 vision. This time it’s a “play” optical illusion word puzzle, which sounds easy after the maths equations we’ve all been fighting over. But just wait.

Not only is this one wordy, but it’s deceivingly difficult too. For this illusion, the aim is to find the word “play” hidden in the image made up of the word “pray”, which is repeated over and over again and is written in multiple lines. And believe it or not, it’s quite difficult.

The word is literally buried in a sea of words that look almost the same, and the colour gradient makes it even harder to spot. Apparently, only those with high IQs are able to solve it at speed, which says a lot considering the fact I’ve been trying to crack it for the best part of half an hour.

So, what is the tricky ‘play’ optical illusion defining people’s IQs?

At first glance, the image looks like some weird pattern. As your eyes begin to adjust, it seems like you’re going to spot it. And then you just don’t.

If you’re just here looking for the answer, the word “play” is actually on the second column from the right and is 10 rows down. But the saying is that if you’re able to spot it hidden within the image within 13 seconds, you’re said to have a brilliant IQ. So that’s me humbled.

The “play” optical illusion is obviously even harder for those with glasses or visual impairments. I feel like I definitely need glasses after having a go at it. To whoever keeps making them – please stop. I can’t handle another one but I physically cannot stop myself trying to solve them.

I know someone said that brain teasers are a great way to exercise your mind and keep it in a healthy stage as you age, but I’ve had enough now thanks and I’m going back to scroll on Twitter. How long did it take you to find them?

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