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Seven alternative nights out for Manchester freshers that don’t involve booze

Save your bank account and wake up fresh as a daisy

As a fresher, you will have almost certainly acquainted yourself with Squirrel’s, 256 and Krunchy Fried Chicken (hopefully in that order). As consecutive hangover number four hits however, maybe you’re feeling inclined to have a day or two off the Jagerbombs. If this is you, we’ve outlined seven alternative nights out that can be enjoyed without the fear of waking up with no recollection, a severely damaged bank account and an overwhelming desire for a Lucozade Sport. If this isn’t enough convincing, imagine how holier than thou you’ll feel.

1. Bowling

Roll back the years and see if your Wii Sport skill’s translate into real life. A seriously fun way to spend a couple of hours whilst getting fiercely competitive with your friends. Just don’t put the barriers up, you’re better than that. The nearest locations from Fallowfield are Tenpin @ Parrs Wood Entertainment Centre and Dog Bowl just beside Oxford Road train station.

2. Flat dinner night

Treat yourselves to Taste the Difference ingredients from Sainsbury’s. Buy a large bottle of Diet Coke. Choose a good Spotify playlist. Get the card games out. Split all the different jobs involved with cooking and cleaning up between you, and finish the night off with a full stomach of your own cooking. Possibly the most wholesome way to spend your evening, and you’re far more likely to bond over a jacket potato than sharing a roll-up in a smoking area.

3. Cinema

Perfect if you’ve run out of conversations to be had – two hours of complete silence. Load up on overpriced popcorn and pop. Get the bus to the city centre, or pair it with a bowling trip to Parrs Wood and kill two birds with one entertainment centre.

4. Pottery painting

One of our editors has just come back from pottery painting and has deemed it “the most therapeutic thing ever”. So if you’re in need of a new ornament and want to design it yourself, grab a pottery kit from basically any supermarket, light some incense and paint the night away. Alternatively you can spend a few extra quid and go to a coffee and paint.

5. Sports class

Sweat out last night’s booze, and feel good about yourself whilst you’re doing it. If you’re based in Fallowfield, the Armitage Sports Centre host regular classes, as well as having a gym and sports hall attached. If you don’t do it for the endorphins, it can be a great way to meet new people.

6. Aquarium

Get yourself on the bus or the tram and head over to the Trafford Centre. A gigantic mix of shops, scran and of course – an aquarium. Get up close and personal to a Japanese spider crab, a turtle and whatever species of fish this is. The Trafford Centre are always hosting different events, including Halloween themed ones coming up soon. What’s not to like?

7. Sightsee