Here’s how the zodiac signs act on a Lincoln night out

Good luck dragging an Aries home after the club.

Star signs, we all have them. Love or hate them, the majority of traits you swear you don’t have, you do. Whether you are a die hard astronomy fan, a crystal obsessed girly, or a man who’s clicked on this page just to scoff at his own sign, here’s a list of the star signs and the types of people they are on a typical Lincoln night out.


Taurus would never leave their house if they didn’t have to. They’re forced to come to pre drinks, and it’s here they decide they don’t actually want to go out after all. All options point to a pub for a chill atmosphere, so they can relax without the need for social pressure. If they were given the choice between bars, it would be Fed Five or the Akedo bar, more specifically, the tiny basement level where people spend the night gaming.


This air sign makes it their mission to become friends with everyone. Somehow they’re a part of ten separate societies, so it’s no surprise that they love collecting friendship groups like infinity stones. Aquarius needs no invitation, they help themselves onto people’s tables at the Square Sail and add everyone on Snapchat, just to forget who is who an hour later. After all the effort to become besties for life, they end up losing half of the group in Quack before 1am and are forced to hang out with a friend of a friend for the rest of the night.


Pisces will go out for the music only, and if it’s a themed night at Quack they will be there. Other than Wednesdays, you’ll catch them on one specific floor of Home and that is the ground level, Loft. All their friends hate the area, but they swear it’s the best because the music is before their time and therefore better. This sign’s moods can switch throughout the night, there is the chance of a cry in the bathroom between drinks, or a run off with a randomer who ends up coming home with them.


Nothing is enough for a Gemini when they have the attention span of a nat. They decide that a bar crawl starting at craft will be a great night out because 2 for 1 cocktails. They eventually get bored with ordering two of the same drink and hop on over to every bar that is busy. They are absolutely plastered before they get into the club, it’s honestly a miracle that they are still standing, with their liver working overtime. One thing about Gemini is that they go hard on a night out, so you won’t have to worry about them backing out early.


You will find this fire sign at every Superbull Friday. They love the music and the fact that the venue feels like one big playhouse to explore, with all the stairs and random doors. However, they do feel the need to head to the smoking area every half hour on rotation, it’s their enrichment time to smoke a cigarette, even if they claim to not be a smoker. This sign is the last one standing just to prove a point because leaving before 3am is a ‘quitter’ mentality.


Theatrical and dramatic, they live for the drama. Leo will not go near Quack with a two foot pole, but loves a game of bongos bingo prep for the night out. They head to Home and let everyone know they had a situation-ship with the bartender on the top floor. They don’t actually drink in the club, instead they spend their night playing advocate for the poor girl in the toilet, who has been crying over some boy. They don’t leave the poor soul till they decide to break up with their toxic significant other.


Virgo takes pre drinking to the max because they know it will save them money. They sneak a flask into Mailbox because they swear their alcohol is better and stronger than the bar, but in reality, who wants to pay £13 for a cocktail? The mass amount of drinks consumed at the start of the night turns them sober by midnight, it’s here they leave and hit the kebab shop, an unbothered queen.


This air sign takes pride in looking good on a night out. They will motion to the bathroom every half hour, to make sure their hair and face look the same as when they came in. That’s is until they mix a stupid amount of drinks at Carousel, and underestimate the alcohol level because the drinks look ‘pretty’. They will start to gag in the long line at Quack but swear they won’t be sick. You lose them halfway through the duck toss, only to find them in the sick bay as you head to the smoker’s area. When you text them in the morning, they’ll have no recollection of these events.


Starting the night out with full confidence, Cancer wants to have a good time and actively encourages others to drink a fair amount at pres, which they ultimately end up regretting when they get into Home. This sign falls sober quick and ends up crying in the toilet, but tells everyone they are literally fine. They then make the decision to go home early, in order to ‘protect their peace.’


Capricorn plans the whole night to a T. They are the sole reason their drunk friends get into Superbull on their timed entry ticket, and don’t suffer standing for forever in the 11pm queue. Could be a full fledged paramedic or guide scout because they are ready for anything, their bag is packed with a collection of medicine, gum, food and chargers. And even with the mum label of the group, they are somehow the last person standing at the end of the night. When you’re suffering in bed the next morning, you’ll find a Capricorn attended their nine am on four hours of sleep.


Every night is a dance party for an Aries, they will find every chance to boogie. Their version of a good time is whipping out the worm at Walkabout to an imaginary crowd, after too many Jager bombs. And if there is someone watching, it would be an over 30’s hen or stag party. They spend the night glued to the front of the DJ booth, really letting the music blast their eardrums, and love the idea of staying out till it’s light outside, so Scene is always a must when everything else has closed. Good luck dragging them out at the end of the night.


Scorpios are chill when it comes to location. Bar, pub, or club, they adapt to their surroundings. They tend to steer in the direction of Strait and Narrow with its cool vibe, they get the mixture of both a bar and pub. They end up flirting with someone through the table telephone who is twice their age and is actually married and when the person approaches their table, they dip. They don’t realise that their version of being nice is full on dirty talk.

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