Just nine of the most iconic Newcastle BeReals we’ve all succumbbed to taking

Nothing says BeReal like spending your student loan in the Phil Rob vending machine x

Once you start uni, BeReal captures every high and low from being a silly fresh to a granny graduate. Honestly, if you’re in a lecture and you hear a group in front of you say “Omg BeReal” are you even a student?

Newcastle being the incredible city it is, there’s always an opportunity to have very memorable BeReals.

1. Moving into your first year halls

Aw, what a cute memory. My BeReal actually went off in the car upon arrival at the Toon, but I was resting a TV on my lap which worsened my mobility. However, after many mental breakdowns on decorating my room, I finally posted and let everyone and their nan know I was about to start uni.

And yes, the Texas BBQ Pringles were my tea that night x

2. Trips to Spoons

Are you really in Newcastle if you don’t spend at least two days a week in Spoons? There’s always one close by and the prices are very student-friendly, shoutout to Luthers for keeping me keen on campus.

Spoons and my overdraft are in a very toxic relationship x

3. BeReal and BeHungover

With the Toon offering a night out seven days a week it’s tough to avoid the treb deals and your head over the toilet the next morning (speaking from experience). The highlight of uni is finding creative ways to cure hangovers, whether it be an Uber Eats order, ice cubes to stop your head from pounding (works wonders), Vitamin C capsules and eternal despair, there’s always a solution.

However, capturing your horrific states on BeReal makes life that bit more entertaining x

TW:My face

4. Suffering in the Phil Rob

Exam season really sparks the eye bags and relying on Monster for breakfast, lunch and dinner x

It’s also an absolute mare to get a decent seat and the booths on Level one are fought for like the Hunger Games. The BeReals during this time will either make you laugh or cry, and mostly remember that you come to uni for a degree and not to play house with your besties.

Humbling AF.

5. Trips to the beach

One of the more wholesome uni experiences, Tynemouth, Whitley Bay and South Shields beaches are stunning moments to capture. It’s a glow-up from the lack of washing up and overall cleanliness in student housing, the crisp fresh air and views make you forget about the hollow student life.

6. The Quayside

It is the perfect place for an iconic BeReal. It’s the heart of the Toon, full of places to boogey and get bevved. Also perfect for a lovely stroll to deal with your hangxiety.

She is the moment x

7. Bongos Bingo for Halloween

What better way to one-up the sports teams than by dressing up for a boozy bingo? There’s an opportunity to heal the trauma you felt as a child by losing Monopoly.

A true highlight of the Toon, Bongos Bingo lives up to its reputation.  Just look at the outfits, we really outdid ourselves here x

8. When you move into your second year house

Likewise, with halls, a uni house is fun and exciting – minus the issues with mould and practically having to report maintenance issues every other day. On the bright side, you’re more than likely living with your pals and seeing the hype of student areas such as Jesmond, Sandyford and Heaton.

However, it’s no longer safe to go to Jesmond Tesco without seeing 90 per cent of people you don’t want to see.

9. Flat/house Xmas dinner

The ultimate bonding experience for your flat/housemates. However, tensions may be high in the kitchen when there’s an argument on who cuts the veg, does the roast potatoes and of course the most important part, the meat cooking. It’s a scene comparable to Hell’s Kitchen but all is well for the BeReal to make everyone look like happy families with a ripping Christmas hat on.

Don’t get me started on the washing up.